Kids PPE for Schools

Kid’s PPE for School

Many schools are starting to roll out plans to bring kids back into the classroom. As they do, the school supplies they need are going to be very different from a new backpack and some pencils. At DollarDays, we have a full line of PPE that is made especially for kids. We have put these all together in a special collection of school PPE for kids.

To keep your kids prepared, be sure to have a large supply of masks on hand. We know kids don’t keep track of things so well. That is why buying hand sanitizer in bulk can come in very handy. In addition, we have many variations of sanitizing wipes available that you can throw in their backpack and use during the school day. Below is our full breakdown of our children’s PPE.

Hand Sanitizer
Having sanitizer as part of your back-to-school kits is going to be essential for years to come. We have bulk hand sanitizer in many small bottles so they don’t take up too much room in their backpacks and book bags. We also carry larger sizes for the big kids and adults, as well as hand sanitizer dispensers.

Sanitizing Wipes
We have every type of sanitizing wipe you could be looking for. There are bulk sanitizing wipes in dispensing canisters as well as refill sanitizing wipes for your dispensers. DollarDays is also featuring these premium sanitizing wipes that come in packs of 5. These smaller packs are perfect to put in the kid’s backpacks or to have in the car.

Face Shields
The CDC is encouraging more protection than just a single mask. Unfortunately, for some people, wearing two masks can be uncomfortable for long periods of time. Wearing a face shield can be that extra layer of protection that a second mask might provide. We have some fun face shields for kids including these brand new Crayola face shields that can be decorated. It’s a great way to keep kids safe and give them a fun activity. It also helps the kids know which mask is their own.

Kids Masks
Masks are an essential item for getting kids back into the classroom. We have all learned that you must have the right size mask to ensure protection. So, when it comes to kids, we have several styles of masks that are the perfect size for kids. We have both disposable kid’s face masks and reusable kid’s face masks. The CDC recently wrote that wearing two masks can provide a better layer of protection.

Desk Shields
In addition to social distancing in the classroom, desk shields can also be an additional layer of protection. There are different styles of desk shields. Some desk shields are made up of plexiglass and others are made of plastic. We carry some Crayola kids desk shields that can also be decorated.

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