Spring Cleaning Hacks

Hack Your Spring Cleaning

Keeping your home clean can help reduce anxiety and a reduced level of anxiety is something we could all use these days. However, being forced to spend significant amounts of time on arduous tasks can make our stress levels go in the opposite of our preferred direction. So to help make your spring-cleaning go as smoothly, and cause you as little stress, as possible, we would like to provide you with some clever cleanup hacks.

A Window Squeegee As A Pet Hair Remover
Pet hair can sometimes get firmly embedded in carpets. There have probably been many pet owners who thought that all it would take to cross this item off their spring-cleaning list would be to run a vacuum over the hair who later realized that they were sadly mistaken. But if you take a squeegee and rub the rubber part of it over the hair, just like you would with a window, the hair will rise from the carpet in clumps. Then you will be able to easily vacuum it up.

A Bowl Of Water To Help Clean Your Microwave
Comfort foods like chili and sloppy joes might be exactly what quite a few of us need right now but what no one needs is wrist pain from trying to scrub old stains from those kinds of foods from the inside of their microwave. If your microwave suffers from such stains, take a bowl, fill it with water and add a sliced lemon. Put that bowl inside the microwave and microwave it for five minutes. This will steam clean the microwave and make it easy to wipe away stubborn food stains.

Shaving Cream To Make Your Faucets Shinier
If you’ve been spending more time at home recently you might have noticed that your faucets aren’t as shiny as they used to be. If you have some shaving cream at home, this is nothing to worry about. Just put some shaving cream on a sponge and rub the cream into the faucets. Then wipe them down with a dry cloth, stand back, and admire your beautified bathroom fixtures.

Hopefully, these spring-cleaning hacks will make help make your spring a more pleasant one. It may be a while before you are willing to have a large number of people over to your house, but until then, you can at least use these suggestions to save time as you make your home a better place for you and your family to live.

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