Unmarried Couples Buy More Valentine’s Day Gifts Than Married Couples

Small-business retailers say they sell more Valentine’s Day gifts to people buying for their boyfriend or girlfriend, and most of the sales take place the week before Valentine’s Day, according to survey results released today by DollarDays.

DollarDays is a premier Internet-based product wholesaler to small businesses and local distributors. The poll was featured on DollarDays.com and in the company’s online newsletter.

“For years, DollarDays’ sales associates have helped retailers stock their stores with gifts and other Valentine’s Day novelties, but we were curious about their customers’ buying habits,” said Marc Joseph, CEO of DollarDays. “According to these survey results, Valentine’s Day is an important retailing holiday with specific demographics, and carrying unique items geared toward their customer can help stores compete against small and big-box retailers.”

According to results, 56% of retailers say Valentine’s Day is a big selling period for their store, with just over half (51%) saying it’s bigger than Mother’s Day.

The survey also shows that 43% are buying Valentine’s Day items for their boyfriend or girlfriend, compared to 26% for spouses and just 11% for friends. [Sixty-nine] percent of the store customers buy the week before Valentine’s Day.

“These statistics are interesting,” said Joseph. “Waiting until the last minute to buy a Valentine’s Day gift gives the unmarried sweethearts the opportunity to change the recipient of their affection. Retailers need to carry more lighthearted items that don’t put too much love pressure on a couple.”

In addition, retailers note that only 16% of customers complain about having to buy a Valentine’s Days gift compared to 82% who say they actually like shopping for this occasion.

  • 17% stuffed animals
  • 16% gift baskets
  • 15% flowers
  • 13% chocolate candy
  • 11% jewelry
  • 10% adult cards
  • 10% boxed cards for children

This survey is part of an ongoing series of DollarDays questionnaires that gauge the attitude, opinion and general business conduct of small retailers nationwide.

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