Efficient Frontier Launches Paid Search Solution for Small- to Midsized Marketers

Efficient Frontier, the leading provider of search engine marketing (SEM) solutions, today announced the release of Efficient Frontier Express, a Web-based application for small- to midsized online marketers to better manage their paid search campaigns on Google and Yahoo!.

“We have received countless inquiries about our paid search solutions from small- to midsized advertisers,” said Ellen Siminoff, President and CEO of Efficient Frontier. “Express is in response to that demand, providing a sophisticated yet very easy-to-use tool for advertisers to manage the complexity of the search engines and optimize their campaigns.”

Unlike other managed services that merely offer analytical tools and leave the decision-making process up to the user, Express provides an automated solution that selects and automatically bids on the optimal keyword prices for the client. Built on Efficient Frontier’s patented, data-driven portfolio technology based on Wall Street analytics, the application uses advanced statistical decision-making processes to determine the most effective keyword bids relative to the client’s budget spend and business metrics.

Express’ user-friendly user interface allows advertisers to set up, launch, review and adjust their campaigns easily. During the setup phase, advertisers define their key marketing metrics […] and daily budget spend criteria. They then place a conversion tracking tag […] for each of their metrics on the relevant pages of their site for ongoing measurement. Express collects conversion data for two weeks to gather historical performance. The system takes the data and runs forecasts/models to select the optimal bids based on the advertiser’s campaign goals and budget spend. Advertisers can track and measure their keyword campaigns from a single executive dashboard and analyze performance against their specified key metrics.

The beta version of Express was launched in August 2005. More than 20 advertisers signed up during this period, including DollarDays, an online wholesaler for small-business owners to order goods ranging from decorative items and clothing to personal care products and greeting cards.

“We manage thousands of keywords and were looking for a solution that could help us better manage our campaigns,” said Marc Joseph, President and CEO of DollarDays. “Express has been the perfect solution, not only making it easier because of the automation functionality, but also increasing our ROI.”

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