Introducing: Selfless Saturdays

For over 20 years, DollarDays has been a trusted supplier to thousands of nonprofits, schools, small businesses, and philanthropic organizations. By providing critically needed goods and friendly support, the DollarDays team strives to help community heroes accomplish great missions. Our team is 100% committed to supporting you every step of the way and sharing the same passion for your cause with you.

The act of giving means you’re opening up your heart and providing those in need with the items they need in their everyday lives. Giving back often makes us feel empowered and good about ourselves, because it’s one of the most important and selfless acts we can do. At DollarDays, we’re introducing a new campaign called “Selfless Saturdays.” Selfless Saturdays will be a day where we empower all of our customers to give back to their communities and provide emotional support, financial support, and donations of goods to the organizations and missions they care about. This is a day to promote a little extra kindness, and we want you to be mindful of those less fortunate.

If giving a monetary donation or a donation of goods isn’t in your budget or something you’re interested in, there are plenty of other ways to give back. You can also donate your time by volunteering with a charity or organization of your choice or even host your own fundraiser such as a collection drive where people donate to your cause and then you donate as a group.

Let’s look at all of the reasons that will motivate you to GIVE:

Giving back can make you feel good

Giving to charity is a known mood booster. Being able to make a difference in another person’s life, in the community, or in the world as a whole, can leave you feeling extremely empowered. Being able to contribute to the overall greater good can be a very simple yet rewarding motivation to donate to different charities and organizations. It makes you feel good when you donate to a Facebook fundraiser because your friends and followers can see that you made a donation, and it will empower them to make their own donation. This can also drive people to host fundraisers and donation drives because it serves as a social activity while getting to spend time with your friends and families while giving back to the communities that you care about. Did you know that studies have shown that volunteering and giving back have actually made people feel happier and healthier?

You can play a direct role in creating a positive impact in your community

There are so many worthy causes that are extremely worthy of our attention. It’s important to draw attention to all of the types of nonprofit organizations and groups that are making a difference in our communities and in our world overall. There are homeless shelters, animal rescue organizations, religious organizations, education organizations and schools, food banks and distribution centers, social services, wildlife conservation, museums and art galleries, financial aid services and scholarship funds, environmental conservation and protection, youth development and services, disaster relief, human rights, and so many more!

There is no donation too small

The smallest amount can make a huge impact. You may think that donating just $1 or $5 won’t be enough to help people, but that is simply untrue. Your donation, no matter the size, can still create a positive impact on many lives. A lot of nonprofit organizations and charities will have matches created by major donors, businesses, and corporations, that allow them to double or even triple your donation. If you give $1 and a donor promises to match all donations made during a certain time period by doubling the impact, then your donation will be worth $2. If you made a donation of $1,000, your donation will end up making an impact of $2,000 with a match. Providing a single can of soup can also make a huge difference. One can of soup will give one person a meal. Just think of the difference we could make if every person donated just one canned good item to a charity of their choice.

You can contribute your skills

Did you know that you can volunteer your skills to different nonprofit organizations? There are many different types of organizations. We have local organizations, national organizations, and even international organizations. If you check out different websites of your favorite charities and missions, you’ll see that they often ask for volunteer support in addition to donations. You can volunteer at a soup kitchen by helping to serve meals to the homeless, but there are so many other ways you can contribute your skills.

Many organizations are limited in the number of employees and paid staff members that they have. If you have special skills in your professional lives and jobs, you may be able to volunteer your skills. This means that if you’re in the field of event planning or entertainment, you can volunteer your services to help an organization plan its annual fundraiser that helps raise money for their cause. If you’re in the field of accounting or finance, you can help the organization file their taxes, or perform an audit for them as needed. The possibilities are truly endless on how you can contribute your skills to help the greater good.

Join us!

DollarDays is passionate about giving back. We hope after reading this that you’ll be just as motivated and passionate about giving back to the community. If we work together, we can accomplish great things. Join us every week to celebrate #SelflessSaturdays!

Written by: Rachel Pollack

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