Valley of the Sun United Way: Making a Difference in Our Community

Valley of the Sun United Way is a nonprofit organization that’s making a difference in Phoenix, Arizona by providing human and health care services, as well as financial stability programs for families. The mission statement reads, “Valley of the Sun United Way envisions a community where every child, family, and individual is healthy, has a safe place to live and has every opportunity to succeed in school, in life, and in work.”

Since the DollarDays main office is also located in Maricopa County, we find it important to do what we can to support the local heroes in our area. Some of the DollarDays staff spent their Saturday volunteering and packing food hunger kits for the members in our community. As a company that serves nonprofit organizations, schools, small businesses, and more, we find it key for our staff to volunteer when they can and help contribute to the community in which we’re located.

Many nonprofit organizations fill in the gaps for people by providing certain services that are relied upon on a normal basis. Valley of the Sun United Way has a monthly project where they have volunteers to pack food hunger kits for the families in which they serve. These food hunger kits include some of the following items: canned chicken protein, oatmeal, apple sauce, crackers, and a granola bar. Non-perishable food items are a top donation with organizations that provide people with food because they will not spoil and they have a long shelf life. This specific kit also includes an encouragement card that’s purpose is to make a child’s day. When a child goes to get their food hunger kit, their stomachs and hearts become full because they get to have a nice bagged meal along with a personalized note of encouragement that makes them feel special.

This specific volunteer event was held at the Phoenix Community Toolbank, a nonprofit organization that is a tool lending program that provides organizations access to an inventory of tools for use in volunteer and community benefit projects. Being able to volunteer with two local nonprofits in our community left our team feeling inspired and ready for the next opportunity to volunteer.

Written by: Rachel Pollack

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