Give Back This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday in which we celebrate love and romance. Every year on February 14th, people all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day in different ways. Some celebrate with their significant others, some celebrate with their friends, some celebrate with their families, and some celebrate with their pets. Some of the most popular gifts bought on Valentine’s Day include flowers, chocolates, candy, stuffed animals, jewelry, and of course, a heartfelt hallmark card to go along with it. The popular activities and outings for Valentine’s Day include dinner dates, movie dates, spending quality time with your loved ones, and more. While there are many classic and traditional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, there are many other ways to celebrate other than just the obvious choices. Let’s dive into some really great and charitable ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and spread love to others around you and in your community.

Volunteer Your Time

Spend your day volunteering at your favorite nonprofit organization! Look up your favorite organizations and fill out a volunteer application. Many organizations will require you to fill out a form before showing up to volunteer, so be sure to check out their website before heading over for your volunteer shift. You can use the popular search engine, VolunteerMatch, to find volunteer jobs that best fit your schedule and the causes you’re passionate about. Don’t forget about your local organizations, as you’ll be able to make a direct positive impact on your community. Some organization recommendations for you: animal rescues and homeless shelters.

Send Love Letters

Aside from writing a love letter to your significant other, there are other ways to write some meaningful and kind love letters to people and organizations that are making a positive impact on your community and in the world. Nonprofit organizations work hard and spend all of their time focusing on making the world a better place. The overall appeal to do good has inspired many people to go into charity work as a career. It’s important we acknowledge all of the good work these individuals are doing in our communities, and the best way to do that is by writing a love letter expressing your gratitude and appreciation. Network for Good tells you how to write a love letter to a nonprofit, step by step. You can be as brief, or as in-depth as you want. You can send little notes or purchase packs of Valentine’s Day cards to use. Feel free to be creative and make your own cards in marker or crayon and stickers to make it extra special!

There are many nonprofit organizations that solely support children and teenagers. Save the Children is a great organization to send inspirational notes to. You can write messages like: “I want to let you know you’re loved,” ”always be yourself,” “you’re stronger than you think,” or “believe in yourself.” These messages go a long way when you’re writing to a child because they often need more support and encouragement than an adult. Don’t forget to be compassionate and thoughtful. It would be a good idea to stay away from using religious passages or phrases, as you don’t know the religion of the children you’re writing to.

Other popular organizations to send love letters to are animal rescues and shelters. Our shelters are packed with animals that are waiting for their forever homes and families. Try writing a love letter to a shelter pet and make them feel loved this Valentine’s Day. We are so lucky to have animals in our lives and we should share our love and appreciation with them! Look up some ways to write a love letter to a pet. You can check out a great example of how to do so here. You can also write a letter to future adopters on why they should rescue a dog or a cat from an animal shelter. This can be very persuasive and can help us clear out the animal shelters and connect more pets with their forever homes.

Host a Fundraiser or Donate

What better way is there to spend Valentine’s Day than spending quality time with your friends, families, and loved ones? Try hosting a Valentine’s Day-themed fundraiser at your house or a restaurant and get people together to support an important cause. You can even host a happy hour or dessert party if that’s more your style. Feel free to have fun with the theme and event type and be creative with it. Quality time with people you love and giving back to your community is a great combination! If you end up collecting money or items during your fundraiser, you can then go and donate it to your charity of choice. Have some fun with it and start an anonymous submission box where people can submit a charity they want to donate to, tally up the votes, and make your selection. There are so many worthy causes and organizations to choose from. Let your guests have a say in where the donations go!

How to Celebrate with DollarDays

Share the love this Valentine’s Day! Get some Valentine’s Day balloons that show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Want to send love letters to different nonprofit organizations making a difference in your community? Get the cutest Valentine’s Day greetings cards to spearhead your project. Need a Valentine’s Day backdrop for your party or classroom? We’ve got you covered. However you choose to spend this holiday of love, make sure you’re spreading kindness!

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