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Teachers are one of the most important members of our society and world. Their ability to teach and shape the future minds of generations to come is something not everyone can do. Teachers act as role models and provide meaningful and positive learning experiences to children. Teachers do so much more than teach. They’re in classrooms every day with your children observing their behavior and shaping their character. states that there are three aspects that are directly affected by great teachers: education, inspiration, and guidance. University of the People says, “Teaching is a tough job, but it is one where you can make the most impact in another person’s life.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the education system largely. Teachers and educators in schools had to quickly pivot and adapt to the era of online learning. Online learning was something reserved for college and university students, not elementary, middle, and high school students. There’s a very powerful New York Times article that talks about the hardships for both students and teachers as they shifted to online learning during the pandemic. Not all school districts and students have the same access to supplies. We know that not all schools have computers. What some people fail to realize is that not all students have computers at home either. In low-income communities or families, some students find it difficult to participate in online learning, or even be able to do their homework at home that requires a computer because of their access to technology. This also pertains to school supplies. There are also children who do not have basic school supplies at home to work with. Classrooms are a safe haven where students know they have the technology and/or supplies they need to excel in their education and get their work done.

School Supplies Needed in Schools

As we approach the second semester and the second half of the school year, it’s time to restock on all of the necessary school supplies needed. With teachers needing to stock up on supplies for their classrooms, they may be running out of the supplies they need to continue to teach our students. When teachers provide these supplies for students, they may find that they are running low on some of these items by this point in the school year.

Adopt a Classroom is a national nonprofit organization that provides funding for school supplies to classrooms and needy families. conducted a survey in June 2021 that showed “teachers spent an average of $750 of their own money to purchase school supplies for their homes, classrooms, and students during the 2020-2021 school year and that 30% of teachers spent $1,000 or more on school supplies each year.” This is key information to note because being a teacher is one of the toughest and most important jobs, but teachers don’t make nearly as much as they should for all of the positive impacts they make in our communities.

In the ideal classroom, you should find all of the essential school supplies such as pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, highlighters, markers, crayons, colored pencils, notebooks, folders, post-it notes, index cards, wite-out, bookmarks, binders, and more. These are some of the top items to find in a classroom, but not necessarily all of the items that students need for school. School supplies that students also need and often provide for themselves are backpacks, water bottles, and lunch bags. Some extra school supplies students may keep in their backpacks in 2022 are face masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and more.

Teacher Appreciation Week

In 2022, Teacher Appreciation Week will be celebrated from Monday, May 2nd – Friday, May 6th. This is a week when teachers get the recognition they deserve for all of their hard work. There are many ways that students and families can show their support and appreciation for such important people in their children’s lives.

The Parent-Teacher Association is a nonprofit organization and a network of millions of families, students, teachers, administrators, and business and community leaders devoted to the educational success of children and the promotion of family engagement in schools. This is your sign to start planning early for Teacher Appreciation Week 2022. One of the best ways to give back to your community schools is to donate school supplies. If you need help finding a school or educational facility to donate to, try Googling terms like “where can I donate school supplies,” or “top school supplies for teachers.” If you need ideas on top items to donate, try searching “school office supplies list.”

How We Can Help

DollarDays is dedicated to serving teachers and educators and helping them source the products they need at wholesale prices and in bulk savings, so they can continue educating the children in our communities. Let’s provide students with the tools they need to learn and grow.

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