Prepare for the Winter Storms Ahead

As we get deeper into the winter storm season, we’re reflecting on all of the ways you can best prepare for inclement weather. It’s extremely vital to prepare with the necessary essentials you need to stay safe and stay warm in severely cold weather. There are many instances where you may be left without power, heat, or water, and have to adapt quickly and effectively. We’re here to make sure you’re ready for the next winter storm that hits your area. Start tracking winter storm warnings early by setting up a Google alert for “winter storm warning.” You can get even more specific and set up an alert specifically for your city or state with keywords like “winter storm Georgia,” or “winter storm Raleigh, NC.”

Winter Storm Izzy

Just last week, the latest Winter storm named Izzy hit the South and East Coast. According to a tweet last Monday by the Weather Channel, “Nearly 25 million people were under winter weather alerts, while nearly 17 million people were under a winter storm warning.” Issuing public service announcements like this are important so that people have time to prepare themselves for the storm ahead. The Weather Channel got reports of over 275,000 homes and businesses being without power. When severe weather impacts our areas, we often see a large increase in flights being canceled, car accidents, and a lack of emergency supplies in stores.

Stock Up on the Essentials

It’s important to stock up on all of the essential items you’ll need in case of an emergency. If you’re asked to shelter in place, you won’t be able to head out to the store to collect items you may need. When a disaster strikes, it’s hard to think clearly. It may seem pointless to have certain items on hand unless you know you will have a need for them, but leaving preparation until the last minute or not having a clear plan in place can leave you with injuries. DollarDays has the items you need to prepare both yourself and your community with the items and donations needed. Non-profit organizations and homeless shelters are also in need of disaster relief products. You can help your community prepare for the next storm while you also prepare yourself, your family and friends, and your businesses or workplaces.

First Aid Kits

Whether you’re experiencing a winter storm, a wildfire, an earthquake, a flood, or equivalent, there’s an increased chance that you could receive an injury or be in need of medical attention. The Red Cross recommends that you have a first aid kit ready and on hand to be prepared for emergencies. First aid kits consist of items such as band-aids, cold packs, plastic gloves, tweezers, scissors, cotton balls, cotton applicators, an alcohol prep pad, antiseptic prep pad, antiseptic wipes, a sterile eye pad, safety pins, an emergency blanket, and more. You should remember to check your kit regularly to ensure items have not expired.

Sleeping Bags and Hand Warmers

While individual households may have an excess amount of blankets and bedding, homeless shelters and other non-profit organizations that serve those without permanent shelter may find themselves in need of disaster relief items. A popular donation item for these shelters is sleeping bags because they’re able to be passed out to people quickly in case of an emergency. Sleeping bags are waterproof bags and have a protective layer, especially for inclement weather. Another popular donation item for homeless shelters and similar organizations is hand warmers. Hand warmers often come in pairs, so you can have one in each hand. They’re air-activated and can last for several hours in extremely cold weather. This is a great product to donate because it can be put in first aid kits, and they’re inexpensive. There is a large assortment of camping supplies that can double as disaster relief supplies as well.

Flashlights and Candles

In cases where you lose power during the storm, one of the most essential items to have on hand is the flashlight. Always make sure to have flashlights in the house so that you can still find your way around the house and navigate in the dark in case of an emergency. It may also be a good idea to have candles and matches or a lighter on hand for more light around the house. Having light resources in a power outage is critical because you don’t want to get injured, and you need to be able to find your other emergency supplies.

Blankets, Winter Wear, & Socks

When temperatures drop drastically, it’s important to have extra blankets, jackets, socks, and more to keep yourself warm. Stock up on both fleece blankets and thermal blankets around for extra weight and warmth. You can even put on extra thermal socks or fuzzy socks to keep your toes toasty. When you keep your body warm, you protect your body and organs and keep your blood flowing. This is very important to do so that you stay healthy during the storm. Jackets and outerwear that are warm and heavy, weather-resistant, and inexpensive, are great things to stock up on. You can buy jackets in bulk at the lowest wholesale prices, and donate to nonprofits and homeless shelters in need. You can even donate these items to your local community organizations and schools.

DollarDays is committed to making it easy and affordable to make a huge impact with critically needed items for any disaster at any time. While natural disasters and unexpected emergencies are devastating and scary, it’s important to stay positive and prepared. Protect yourselves, your neighbors, and your communities. Having the proper supplies can save your life or someone else’s life.

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