3 Ways to Upgrade your Classroom Teaching 2021

We love helping students feel prepared and ready for school with high-quality school supplies. But maybe even more important is helping teachers. Teachers are the backbone of schools serving as mentors, disciplinarians, and encouraging cheerleaders for their students. Teachers have an incredibly difficult job ensuring that students feel safe and comfortable, making learning engaging and accessible, and maintaining good relationships with families and staff.

DollarDays is proud to help teachers with essential school supplies to upgrade their classrooms and teaching. We love being an affordable option with hundreds of choices for teachers across the country. When teachers are prepared, they can better help their students so that everyone is successful.

We’ve got three tips for teachers to upgrade their classrooms and set them up for their best year yet.

1. Make a plan and set some goals.

Make a plan for how you will start the year and set some goals to hold yourself (and your students) accountable. According to the National Education Association, setting classroom goals is just as important as your own individual goals. “Working together toward a goal — such as a holiday project to help a needy family, a class trip, or a class party at the end of the year — can help develop class spirit.” Goal setting is a great way to start the year on a positive note.

Remember, this should be unique to your new class. Even veteran teachers sometimes need a reminder that every class and every year is different. What worked last year (or for the last few years) may not necessarily work this year. Give yourself time to adjust to the new group of students in your class. This could take a couple of days or weeks as students get used to one another and the new teacher in charge.

2. Be prepared for your classes.

Classrooms packed with 20 to 30 students to demand organization. Knowing you are prepared for all those bodies with essential back-to-school supplies will have you feeling cool, calm, and confident when that first bell rings.

Having systems in place for collecting homework and making sure lessons plans run smoothly is easy with DollarDays. Ensure no papers get lost between school and home with these pocket folders in a rainbow of colors. Be sure to stock up on Expo markers and personal dry erase boards so everyone can get in on the learning action.

You’ll find everything from teaching tools like flashcards and workbooks to classroom decorations to rewards and incentives to classroom decorations — all at affordable wholesale prices in DollarDays’ Back-to-School shop.

3. Understand the value of rest.

One of the best teaching tips from veteran teachers is to be sure to get enough rest. Keeping up with a classroom of energetic kiddos is tough! Unwind from a long day on your feet with a relaxing bath bomb bubble bath. Or, Netflix and chill with an adult coloring book. Studies show they are excellent at reducing stress and anxiety, and they can improve sleep and focus. Stock up with our one-of-a-kind collection.

We also love these fun stress balls you can keep at your desk (and share with students who may grow tense in class). You and your students will also love our new poppers. They help relieve stress and make for great rewards for hard work.

Get back-to-school ready with all our bulk supplies aimed specifically at teachers. With a few key items, you’ll be all set to upgrade your classroom and start the year off right.


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