Stem and Fidget Toys for Classroom Development

Teachers are trained to help keep kids’ learning activities varied and engage students in high interest topics. However, students will inevitably feel restless at some points during the school day. Especially in the first few days and weeks back after a long summer break, students may need time to adjust to hours sitting at a desk.

DollarDays is proud to provide teachers all the tools they need to keep students focused on and engaged in learning. We’re not talking about just supplies (which sure can help), but also helpful toys for class and STEM activities to keep lesson fun.

Fidget toys can be incredibly beneficial to students. The Flushing Hospital Medical Center’s Health Beat newsletter reported on a study about the effectiveness of fidget toys in schools. “The result was a 10% increase in certain academic scores among students who used fidget toys. Even more impressive was that students diagnosed with ADHD saw an increase of 27% in the academic scores.” These aren’t just toys, but rather learning tools for some students.

STEM toys are just as beneficial. Kids love these kinds of toys so much, they often don’t even realize how much they’re learning. There are plenty of studies that show STEM toys can help kids learn the fundamentals of science, engineering, technology and math concepts. However, what’s more important than labeling or packaging are “toys that encourage open-ended, active play and problem-solving.”

We’ve got several proven winners when it comes to fidgets and STEM activities kids love.

Pop It Fidget Toy
This colorful fidget toy will soothe anxious fingers and minds. The sensory details, like a smooth surface and satisfying pop sound will be enough to relieve stress for some kids without disturbing the entire classroom. See why it’s one of our bestsellers!

Fidget Spinner Eraser
There’s a reason why fidget spinners took the country by storm —they work! Fidget spinners are perfect for fidgety kids who need something to occupy their hands so they can better focus. But these aren’t just ordinary spinners, they double as erasers!

Kids will love the cool designs, shapes, and colors. Teachers and parents will love that they serve a dual purpose!

Space Explorer Building Playset
This 237-piece set is perfect for practicing STEM skills. Interlocking blocks allow children to understand shapes, building design, and engineering. They can let their imaginations be their guide or try to create an exact replica of the images on the box. They’ll love the adorable figures and space themed fun!

Block Mania Bricks
This 25-piece brick set encourages kids to build creatively. They’ll love the endless possibilities. With several shapes, sizes, colors, kids of all ages will be engaged. Teachers can feel confident that these blocks are helping them to understand math and engineering concepts so play time is still educational time.

Teachers are always looking for toys and games to keep students focused and help them learn. DollarDays has tons of options. Help your teacher or school out with a generous donation! Our wholesale prices and bulk sizes are unbeatable!

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