Top 5 PPE Picks for Students and Classrooms

With the Delta Covid variant circulating throughout the U.S. and schools preparing for the return of students, the need for PPE for students is still strong. With teachers busy getting classrooms ready and lesson plans set, it’s the perfect time to organize a much needed (and much welcomed) donation to your local schools in need.

While school supplies like notebooks, folders, and backpacks are always welcomed, this year consider donating PPE that will be required in schools across the country. Many teachers end up supplying their own classrooms with these items as school budgets continue to be tightened. DollarDays has all the essentials to keep students, teachers, and staff safe all year long. Here are our top five PPE picks for students and classrooms.

1. Fabric Fashion Masks

Kids might be somewhat reluctant to put masks on all day after a summer break. But these fabric masks are so cute and fashionable, they’ll love showing them off to their friends. The animal designs and colors will appeal to all kids and make mask wearing a breeze. These spandex and polyester masks are comfortable and will help keep germs at bay.

2. Hand Sanitizer with Silicone Holder

These personal-sized hand sanitizers come in a variety of designs from pineapples to adorable animals. They are perfect for little ones who may tend to misplace things. They easily attach to backpacks or lunch bags so you know your student will never be without a means to clean hands from germs. Because they’re available in bulk, you be able to keep all the kiddos in the classroom germ-free all year long.

3. Hand Sanitizer Wipes

These hand sanitizer packs are from one of our favorite brands, Yoobi. Not only does Yoobi make quality, trendy products kids love, they also are committed to doing good. For every Yoobi item you purchase, a Yoobi item will be donated to a child in need in the U.S. With 24 hand sanitizer sachets per pack, you can easily supply an entire classroom. At wholesale prices, you can supply an entire school with this PPE essential.

4. Decorated Disposable Mask

Disposable masks have a reputation for being boring or generic. Not these! Kids will definitely forget their cloth masks on occasion or will need a replacement. Having these decorated disposable masks on hand will ensure that all kids are safe and ready to learn. They’ll love choosing from the six fun designs. Because they’re sized for kids, they’ll stay in place so teachers can focus on their lessons.

5. Kids Face Shield

Of course, not all kids love wearing masks. These face shields are the perfect alternative. They are also great for any immuno-compromised student needing extra protection.

Along with a face mask, a face shield will provide an additional barrier against airborne germs. They fit snuggly at the forehead while keeping noses and mouths protected. The happy animal designs and bright colors will make them fun to wear.

We love providing schools with everything they’ll need to make sure each child receives the best education possible. By offering wholesale items at unbeatable prices, we are committed to being a positive force in your community. With your help, we can make this year a success by arming students and teachers with these essential PPE products.

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