3 Tips for a Successful Back-to-School Kitting Party

Donating to schools is one of the best ways to give back to your community and our larger society. Investing in schools is an investment in our future. Without the proper education, we wouldn’t have effective leaders, entrepreneurs, a skilled workforce, or adequate social services.

Helping supply schools with everything they need to be successful is easy with DollarDays. We’ve got tons of items students don’t just need but will LOVE (and at great prices).

A back-to-school kitting party can be the perfect team-building event for your employees or members of your organization. Donating to schools can have tangible positive effects on your organization.

A Harvard Business Review study found “evidence shows that giving money to charity leads to similar brain activity in regions implicated in the experience of pleasure and reward…[the study] results suggest that giving (in the form of charitable donations) is inherently rewarding.”

We’ve got some tips to get started on a back-to-school kitting party that will encourage the spirit of giving within your organization.

Create a Wishlist

Most schools will have released their school supply lists for their students or perhaps have registered with charitable organizations with items they need. Use this list to browse DollarDays’ incredible inventory of school supply kits and individual items.

Then create a DollarDays Wishlist. (Our Wishlist Toolkit makes is super simple!) You can add all the items you hope to receive. The more items you include and more people you reach the better.

A back-to-school survival kit is one of the best ways to ensure students get everything they need. Try this 45-piece school supply kit with pens, rulers, notebooks, folders and more. Then grab some Forward backpacks in a variety of colors to stuff at your kitting party.

Don’t forget items for teachers too! PPE supplies like hand sanitizer, tissues, and masks will be a welcomed addition to any classroom.

Promote Your School Supply Drive

Choose a day (or days) and time(s) to get together and organize your supplies so you can be sure everyone gets exactly what they need.

Share your school kit donation drive details and wishlist with employees, friends, neighbors, and anyone else who would be willing to give. We’ve got templates to create press releases, flyers, and social media posts so you can run a successful campaign. Give people enough time to donate supplies and remind them early and often to contribute to your drive.

Get Everyone Involved

The age-old saying that more hands make light work couldn’t be truer with a school kit donation drive. Encourage not just members of your organization to join but also their friends. Make an assembly line to create kits with a variety of supplies for each student and teacher. (Those backpacks are particularly useful here.)

Kids helping kids can be an incredibly powerful way to teach about the importance of giving what you can. (Just be careful, they might spot some trendy supplies they want for themselves in the process!) Our school supplies aren’t just great quality, but they also look great so no student will feel less than.

The earlier you get started, the greater impact you can have. Buying items in bulk with DollarDays is one of the best ways to get the most out of your drive. Our affordable prices make it easy to stock up, so no student is left behind. We’re here to help so why not get started today!

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