Why Your School Needs These Back-to-School Essentials

School supplies aren’t what they used to be. We can remember a time when the only thing that differentiated you from the student next to you was the image on your Trapper Keeper. Times have changed. Now students have access to hundreds of supplies with various images, colors, and designs.

Whether you’re preparing to donate to a school in need, buy supplies for your own school, or looking to make a wish list for organizations looking to help your school, DollarDays has everything you need. We can help you find all the school essentials with our back-to-school favorites.

Forward Backpacks
No back-to-school supplies list is complete without a backpack. We love the Forward backpacks because they are available in a variety of sizes to match the needs of students in all grades. The designers at Forward understand that bigger kids need bigger bags. Similarly, kids in lower grades won’t get weighed down by backpacks twice their size.

You can find these backpacks in a variety of bright colors to suit any taste. We also offer some that include basic supplies like notebooks and writing utensils. These backpack kits are available at unbeatable wholesale prices.

Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning Supplies are now a must for every classroom. Help maintain a safe environment with a supply of wipes, disinfectants, masks, and other items to keep classes tidy and sanitized. With so many students, desks, and shared spaces, wipes and disinfectants are used often and in abundance. We’ve got quality wipes, sprays, and cleaning solutions in a variety of quantities to stock any class.

We’ve also got plenty of cloth and disposable mask to choose from. Keeping masks handy is a great way to stop the spread of germs. Stocking individual students with hand sanitizer is easy with our bulk hand sanitizers in a variety of fragrances (like these in adorable containers).

Crayola Products
No matter the grade or subject, all students need basic Crayola supplies like markers and colored pencils. They are perfect for all their arts and crafts projects but also help shade fractions, color maps, and are helpful in science labs. Ensure they don’t run out mid-year and buy in bulk to save money.

And don’t forget Crayola’s line of unique classroom items like calendars and even decorate-your-own desk shield and face shield kits.

Toys and Games

School doesn’t have to be all worksheets and long division. Give your favorite school a supply of fun coloring and activity books. Teachers love having these supplies on hand for kids who finish early or need occasional breaks.

We also love the power of “boring” supplies turned exciting with fun designs and features. Kids love these animal-shaped erasers and scratch-and-sniff pencils.


Yoobi is one of our favorite brands not just because of their trendy DIY school supplies, but also because they are committed to giving. With every purchase made, Yoobi gives back to a community in need.

But sure, we also really love the trendy supplies that will make every kid feel like they have the coolest, most popular supplies. Check out this constellation spiral notebook and these adorable Macaron Charm Mini Markers. All kids will fit right in with Yoobi’s funky school supplies.

Donating school supplies no longer means outfitting a needy district with flimsy products and generic designs. With DollarDays, you can give students not just what they really need, but what they really want: cool supplies at even cooler prices.

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