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If the pandemic taught us anything about education, it’s that there are huge discrepancies between schools and districts across the United States. Schools with less money have fewer resources and supplies for students who continue to struggle with virtual learning. The achievement gap between rich and poor schools is only widening further.

Therefore, now is the perfect time to donate to schools and kids in need. Donating to schools can be an especially powerful and meaningful way to give back. When kids are prepared for school, they participate more, complete more work, and can have a profound impact on their future trajectory.

According to the Kids in Need Foundation, “over 10 million American children are living in poverty.” Families who struggle to put food on the table, certainly don’t have money to spend on less essential school supplies. Organizations and businesses can make a significant impact with donations to schools in need.

There have been numerous studies that have assessed the importance of school supplies on education. These “studies have proven that when students have their own school supplies, their grades and classroom behavior improve and they become more excited about school and learning.”

DollarDays makes it easy for your business to donate school supplies at great prices and in bulk quantities. We’ve got everything they’ll need off their school supply list (and more!). We have several quality brands from which to choose, but we especially love Carolina Pad.

Carolina Pad has cheery designs kids love on all their products. Sometimes kids can be reluctant to use donated items but with Carolina Pad products, kids will feel more comfortable – not like they got the cheapest, dullest supplies. They will fit right in with anything from our Carolina Pad line but we especially love the Happy Go Lucky notebooks. This trio of note pads has covers with an adorable llama, an inspiring quote, and a cool stripy design.

When you donate with DollarDays and Carolina Pad, you not only supply them with what you need, you’ll also give them a sense of dignity. These are well-made products kids will want to use. From simple spiral notebooks to pocket folders to composition books, kids will be excited for school and ready to focus on learning. Our school supplies ensure that kids will fit right in, so they don’t have to be self-conscious about where their supplies are from.

Because DollarDays has one of the best collections of school supplies online, we make stocking teachers’ classrooms a breeze. Donating to the entire classroom ensures that no student will feel singled out because of a lack of supplies or supplies that aren’t “cool.”

According to a recent teacher survey conducted by Adopt a Classroom, teachers spent an average of $745 on school supplies in the 2019-2020 school year. “45% of teachers said their spending has increased since distance learning began.” Teachers will definitely appreciate any help you can offer to supply their students so they can get the most from their education.

Carolina Pad is one of our favorite brands because we know how much students and teachers love it. We are proud to offer their products at great wholesale prices so you can make a big difference in the lives of students and their beloved teachers.

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