CDC Updates Their Mask Guidelines

Since the holidays, the United States is seeing extremely high levels of infections and hospitalizations due to Coronavirus. Even though vaccinations are starting to happen across the United States, people are being asked to continue to wear masks even after receiving the vaccination. This is due in part to recent reports that immediately following vaccinations, people may still contract the virus.

The other recent change came last week as the Biden Administration took office. Immediately following, Biden signed an executive order requiring masks in all Federal and Federal agency buildings. This order underscores the importance of wearing a mask to protect our frontline and Federal workers. We know wearing a mask is important to curb the spread of the pandemic, but now we are learning that the type of mask you wear is just as important.

Recently, the CDC published new guidelines around mask-wearing to help prevent the Coronavirus. Though many people have settled into using simple cloth masks, the new guidelines say that people should have at least two layers of mask protection. Some cloth masks do offer a higher level of protection, but if you aren’t sure, then layering two masks together is what is recommended.

Currently, the most effective masks available are N95 and KN95 masks. These are the same masks that are used in medical institutions because of the high level of filtration they provide. DollarDays currently has wholesale KN95 masks in stock and ready to ship.
Another way to achieve two layers of protection is to pair up a disposable surgical mask with a cloth mask. We also currently have wholesale surgical masks in stock as well as a large selection of reusable cloth masks.

As people continue to get vaccinated, we will still need to continue to wear masks and social distance. So, stock up now for your business or organization and help keep our communities safe.

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