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Keep Germs at Bay During Back to School

The past year of remote and/or hybrid learning has been difficult for parents, teachers, and students alike. However, one good piece of news to come out of our unusual Covid year, is that instances of colds and flus have declined. According to the CDC in 2020, “the percentage of U.S. respiratory specimens submitted for influenza testing that tested positive decreased from >20% to 2.3% and has remained at historically low inter-seasonal levels.”

The dramatic drop can be attributed to not only social distancing but also to the widespread use of masks, heightened awareness of handwashing, and increased attention on keeping surfaces clean and disinfected.

As students and teachers head back into the classroom full time, it’s time to start thinking about continuing this vigilance against germs so kids and teachers stay healthy and focused on learning and having fun.

Schools are an excellent breeding ground for germs. With tons of common areas – from shared desks and supplies to crowded lunchrooms and playgrounds – it’s difficult to keep germs at bay. Difficult…but not impossible! We’ve got four tips to help keep your kids in school and the whole family healthy all year long.

Mask Up

Although some kids might be ready to ditch the mask, there’s no doubt, mask-wearing is good practice. But if they don’t fit properly, kids are less likely to wear them correctly. Help encourage responsible mask-wearing with fun, comfortable masks designed for kids.

Hand Cleaning

The same is true for hand sanitizer. Kids are more likely to use it if it comes in fun and convenient packaging that can easily attach to backpacks.

Hand sanitizer is great for switching between activities during the busy school day, but you also want to encourage your kiddos to wash their hands with soap throughout the day. When you buy wholesale with DollarDays, you can help supply your kid’s class and their school with hand soap. Fighting germs is much easier when the whole school is on board!

Clean Common Areas

Anyone who’s ever been in a classroom knows it’s nearly impossible to keep kids in their seats and at their desks for extended periods of time. Movement is good and should be encouraged…just be sure to regularly wipe down common and high traffic areas.

Send your kids to school with sanitizing wipes and sprays they can share. Encourage them to help their teacher wipe down doorknobs, tables, staplers, and computer keyboards (a surprising host to all kinds of yucky germs).

Teach them Personal Responsibility

Teach your kids to take responsibility when they are feeling a bit sniffly or sneezy. In addition to hand washing and masks, be sure they have plenty of tissues on hand, they cough into their elbows, and have a fun desk shield to protect their friends. These are great to not only add an extra layer of protection against germs but also can help to keep them more focused. We love a dual-purpose supply!

Keep Teachers Safe

Whether you have younger kids in Montessori school, pre-teens in middle school, or teens in high school, be sure your teachers have everything they’ll need too! Any teacher returning to school this year would probably be overjoyed to receive a pandemic kit filled with coronavirus safety signs or other Covid-19-related necessities. We are sure that an assortment of general teacher school supplies would be appreciated too.

You’ll never run out of these essential germ-fighters when you shop DollarDays wholesale supplies. With excellent prices and quality goods, you can keep your kids, teachers, and friends in school and on-task all year long.

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