Snacks by the Case – Buying in Bulk for Kids and Moms on the Go!

With hectic mornings, school lunches and after-school activities, buying bulk snacks is a great way to make your day a little easier. They can easily be thrown into lunchboxes for your kids and into your purses and bags for you. They also make snack time at kids’ activities such as soccer games and play rehearsals a breeze. DollarDays has bulk snacks for any time of the day and every event.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but some mornings just don’t allow for eggs and bacon. Whether it’s because of a missed alarm or an early morning practice, sometimes you and your kids might need a breakfast that can be taken on the go. We have bulk breakfast snacks such as cereal bars, toaster pastries and individual cereal bowls so you can be prepared for those rushed mornings. These breakfast items can even be used as snacks later in the day.

Chips and Crackers

Chips and crackers are an important staple of any sack school lunch. Individual packages of these are also perfect for grabbing on your way out the door for a day out. We have all your kids’ favorite chips and crackers in bulk. Buying these daily snacks wholesale can save you time and money. Larger quantities mean lower prices per unit. Plus, the more packs you buy at one time, the less often you have to go to the store to replenish your supply.


Most children have a major sweet tooth, and snack cookies are a surefire way to satisfy it. Individual cookie packs can be a nice treat during homework time or a fun group snack to bring to an after-school club or activity. Wholesale cookies are a great way to fill your pantry shelves with your kids’ favorite treats. You can even stash some in your glovebox or purse in case you find yourself needing a pick-me-up during your busy days.

Nuts and Seeds

When it comes to bulk food for kids, most people only think about junk food like chips and cookies. However, you can also get some healthier options in bulk. DollarDays offers a good selection of nuts and seeds for you to pack into school lunches or bring to events.

Nuts and seeds are also a good option for the next time you find yourself on snack duty for your kid’s sports team. Providing orange slices can be expensive and time-consuming. Nuts bought in bulk are an affordable way to give the future athletes a healthy energy boost between games.

Snack Bars

Snack bars are perfect for putting in backpacks for when hunger hits before lunchtime. They are also another good option for any sporting events where kids are going to be using up a lot of energy. We have wholesale snack bars ranging from granola bars to fruit bars so you can pick the right snack for the right occasion. Try keeping a box of snack bars in your car for when your kids get hungry on trips to and from school and activities.

Buying Bulk Snacks

Purchasing bulk food for kids will help you keep your house stocked with snacks for your kids and all their extracurricular activity. Turn to DollarDays the next time you’re looking to buy snacks in bulk.

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