Crafts by the Case – How to Keep the Kids Busy When Stuck Indoors

Rainy days are never fun, especially for kids. When kids are stuck inside, it can be hard to find ways to entertain them. Arts and crafts are a fantastic way to keep your kids busy. DollarDays can help make sure you’re prepared with all the bulk craft supplies you may need.

Bulk Crafts for Everyone

At DollarDays we strive to help nonprofits, educators, and small business owners. We keep our products affordable so we can provide these organizations the supplies they need. Our bulk craft supplies are great for shelters, churches, schools, daycares and any other organization or business that involves watching children.

Crafts for Rainy Days

When it’s wet and cold outside, you often have no choice but to keep children inside. This can make them bored and restless, even more so if they’re missing out on activities like recess. You can combat boredom by engaging them with arts and crafts. DollarDays offers a wide range of arts and crafts supplies so you can always have a crafting activity ready to go.


Giving kids some paint, a brush and paper is a wonderful way to keep them busy. This will allow them to be creative, work on fine motor skills and make something they can be proud of and show off. DollarDays has a large selection of paint sets for you to choose from. Washable watercolor paint is ideal for kids of younger ages because it can easily be cleaned from clothes and tables. Acrylic paint can be given to older kids who are less likely to make a mess with it.


Sewing is a stimulating craft activity that is sure to keep kids occupied on rainy days. We have plenty of affordable sewing kits and supplies available. This is a great crafting activity because it challenges kids and teaches them a new skill they’ll be able to use throughout their lives. If you decide sewing is a craft your kids would like, you’ll want to make sure to keep an extra close eye on them due to the use of small scissors and needles.


Bad weather tends to appear during the fall and winter. With lots of rainy and snowy days, you don’t want to scramble to find ways to keep kids busy. Thankfully, fall and winter are also full of holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. This gives you a great opportunity to introduce cardmaking as an activity. We have a wide array of bulk craft supplies that can be used in cardmaking, such as stamps, stickers and stencils.

Other Crafts

Craft time doesn’t always need to have a specific activity planned out. Another idea is a free crafting time. All you need to do is give the kids some craft supplies and let them make whatever they want. This allows them to get really creative and gives them some freedom in what might otherwise be a very structured day. It’s best to have an assortment of supplies so they can work with and explore different mediums.

Buying Bulk Craft Supplies

If you’re looking for craft supplies to keep on hand, buying in bulk is the way to go. With affordable products, DollarDays can help you prepare for any future rainy days.

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