Easter by the Basket – Bulk Easter Items from Candy, to Eggs to Baskets For Your Event

With colorful pastels, chocolate bunnies, cute stuffed animals and playful egg hunts, Easter can be a lively holiday (and one that requires a lot of decorations and supplies). Luckily, DollarDays has you covered with our bulk Easter products. All your friends and neighbors will be raving about how well-thought-out your event was.

Bulk Easter Decorations and Party Supplies

If you’re putting together an Easter event or party, you’re going to need decorations and party supplies. This includes items like plaques, streamers, table toppers and window clings. If you’re serving food or snacks, you’ll also want some fun serving trays to set out. At DollarDays, we offer bulk Easter decorations to help you set up the best event possible.

Bulk Easter Eggs

Every Easter event needs eggs, whether they’re the plastic ones you can stuff with goodies or the hardboiled ones you can decorate. We have a wide selection of bulk Easter eggs and Easter egg dye kits for you to choose from. The plastic eggs are great for party favors and hunts and the dye kits allow you to add a more interactive activity for people of all ages to enjoy at your event.

Wholesale Easter eggs are perfect for any group or organization putting on a community egg hunt. These hunts can draw hundreds of local kids, which means you need a lot of eggs to stuff and hide. Buying in bulk is the most affordable and easiest way to do this.

Bulk Easter Candy

What is Easter without candy? Between jellybeans, chocolate eggs and colorful lollipops, candy has become an important staple of every Easter celebration. Purchasing bulk Easter candy is a great way to guarantee you’re ready to fill eggs, baskets and goodie bags for your event DollarDays has a variety of affordable bulk candy so you can make sure you have plenty of candy to go around without hurting your wallet.

Bulk Easter Baskets and Grass

It’s not Easter without the decorative woven baskets and colorful plastic grass. These are essential for any party or egg hunt event you might hold. If you need to buy a lot of baskets, don’t go to the nearest big box store and purchase them individually. Instead, look for bulk Easter baskets and plastic grass to make sure you get the best deal for the quantity you need.

Bulk Easter Toys and Party Favors

You’ve got the decorations, eggs, candy and baskets, but you feel like you’re still missing something. Every great event needs party favors and toys. Guests, especially children, love leaving with fun gift bags full of little toys and candy. DollarDays has tons of Easter party favors ranging from bubbles and windup toys to stickers and pens. You’re sure to find something all of your guests will enjoy.

Bulk Supplies for Any Holiday

Buying supplies in bulk is a great idea for any party or event, especially when it comes to holidays. That’s why DollarDays has bulk holiday supplies for the most popular occasions. From Christmas to Father’s Day, we have you covered on all your holiday event needs.

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