Spring Retail – From Sunglasses to Flip Flops, Get Your Shelves Ready for Sun

Spring is just around the corner and you’ll want to make sure your store is ready before it’s here. Purchasing the right wholesale spring products is an important step in making sure those months are successful for you and your business.

With spring comes warmer weather and more days spent outside. You’ll want to have all the items your customers are looking for as this transition begins. At DollarDays, we can help you prepare for the spring season with our affordable bulk retail products.


During spring, the days are longer and the sun begins to make a regular appearance again. People are going to want to start shading their eyes from its bright rays during sunny drives and fun days out. We have a great selection of wholesale sunglasses available. With different styles, colors and shapes, you can give your customers a variety to pick from. Make sure you stock up on this item so you can better serve your customers when spring arrives.

Flip-Flops and Sandals

As the weather warms, your customers will want to switch their snow boots out for flip-flops and sandals. DollarDays has plenty of footwear to supply your store with. This includes flip-flops and sandals for men, women and children so you can provide new spring shoes for the whole family. You can even purchase regular sneakers and athletic shoes to have ready for anyone looking to update their wardrobe as the warm months begin.

Sun Care Items

Your customers are going to be looking for ways to protect their skin as they begin to spend more time in the sun. Sunscreen is one of the most important spring retail wholesale items you should purchase. You’ll also want to look into stocking some aloe and burn relief gels for those who decide to forego the sunscreen.

Sunscreen tends to be one of the pricier items on shelves, which can lead customers to try to hunt down the best deal. By purchasing this product wholesale, you’ll save money and that will reflect in the prices you are able to give to customers.

Swimsuits and Accessories

The warmer weather of spring not only draws people outdoors, but it also draws them to bodies of water. Whether they’re going to the beach, lake, river or community pool, they’re going to need a swimsuit to wear. DollarDays has wholesale men’s and women’s swimsuits to fill your shelves with. We also carry swim accessories such as swimsuit covers and goggles.

Travel Items

With spring comes spring break for schools and colleges, which means a lot of people will be going on trips and vacations for the week. They will be looking for travel-sized items to take along with them. Be sure to put travel size items such as shampoo, soap and toothpaste on your list of bulk spring items to purchase.

Bulk Retail Items

No matter the season or time of year, turn to DollarDays to help you fill your shelves. With a vast array of retail items, affordable prices and amazing customer services, we will make your wholesale buying experience a great one.

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