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Top 5 Most Clever Wholesale Business Ideas

Some people visit blogs about saving money so that they can, well, save money. They’re looking for great deals on groceries, clothes, you name it. Others are looking for overstocked, wholesale and bargain items because, if you have a nose for retail, it’s a great way to run a small business without needing tens of thousands of dollars to buy enormous bulk loads of wholesale products. When trying to build a retail business on chump change, you need to be creative and you need to be clever. Here are 5 of the most interesting ideas people have been using to make a buck in a bad economy:

1. Cigarette Lighters

Even if you don’t smoke, it’s handy to have a couple of cigarette lighters around. The trick to buying cigarette lighters is to keep an eye out for cheap lots and then sell them off in boxes to convenience stores, gas stations and so on, or to sell them one at a time at flea markets, conventions and so forth. Think about it: How many times have you seen a smoker lamenting that his lighter is out of fuel? Well, a bargain priced cigarette lighter retailer can be a real godsend in this instance.

2. Discontinued Beauty and Hygiene Products

Have you ever had a favorite scent of shampoo or a favorite flavor of toothpaste that was discontinued because it just wasn’t popular enough? A trip to the dollar store can be very lucrative if you keep an eye out for items that are on clearance. These retailers take a risk on their purchases because there’s no telling when something will be in demand and for how long, but a batch of 50 cent shampoos can easily yield a few dollars a bottle after a waiting period.

3. The Nostalgia Trade

If you ever want to really take a long shot risk, buy up a few wholesale batches of popular children’s merchandise. Cars, Dora the Explorer, Blue’s Clues, you name it. Sell what you can for now and whatever you can’t, hold onto it. It takes about 15 years for a child to become a nostalgic adult, and when that happens, you never know what collectors items you might have on your hands. Just ask the folks selling mint-in-box toys and Nintendo games for hundreds of dollars each. If you’re wondering what the kids are into these days, a quick stop by nickelodeon.com should sate that curiosity.

4. Printer Cartridge Refitting

The technically gifted often find it quite easy to take one printer ink cartridge and refit it to match another printer. This is frowned upon by the printer countries, but not exactly illegal. If you’re already guessing where this one is going, then you clearly have an entrepreneurial mindset: These guys find the cheapest printer inks around, then they get hold of some empty cartridges for the pricier brands and 1, 2, 3, they have premium brand ink cartridges at a bottom dollar price.

5. Digital Media

The world is quickly going off digital media like tapes and CDs and right into cloud storage and USB drives. However, if you know which formats they still use in editing bays and video labs, formats like DVD and betamax, it’s very possible to make a living on these storage mediums.

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Saving Money on Healthy Foods

Many frugal grocery shoppers stress the use of coupons. This is a great way for many to save money; but it is necessary to understand what they are really buying.

A growing number of people are not satisfied with the waste all the packaging is contributing to the environment. More importantly, they are not happy feeding their families with the chemicals that abound in these cheaper products. It seems to come down to a choice of spending more money at the grocery store or feeding their families healthfully and helping the environment. Or does it?

While organic foods are often more expensive than their conventional counterparts; it is possible to save money and eat real foods as well. Here are a few ways to save at the grocery store and in the kitchen once those groceries are brought home:

1. Buy in Bulk.

Companies have used the buying wholesale principle for decades. This principle can be of value to the average family as well. If a family enjoys beef, they can purchase a side of grass-fed beef to be cut to their specifications and get a much lower price per pound than they would pay in the store. Warehouse clubs are good places to look for deals on bulk produce, frozen foods and meats. However, the unit price should always be considered, because purchasing more does not guarantee a better price.

2. Go to the Source.

When healthier food is considered, the best cost-saving measure is to buy directly. If a person wants organic produce, he can purchase it from the one that grows it. This eliminates the middle man, so much more can be obtained at a lower cost.

3. Use the Freezer.

Sometimes even grocery stores run extraordinary deals on healthier foods. This is the time to stock up and fill the freezer. If free-range chickens go on sale, buy several and put them in the freezer. Many things can be frozen including fruits, vegetables and milk.

4. Make Your Own.

Many basic food items can be made at home. For example, saving bones of beef cuts and chickens can yield delicious homemade broth for very minimal time investment and can be frozen for later use, completely eliminating the need for canned broth. Salad dressings and many condiments can be made quickly with simple ingredients most people already have on hand.

5. Buy Quality But Use Less.

Of course, there will always be those few items that taste better organic or with a name brand on the label. If a family eats pancakes often and goes through a few bottles of imitation maple syrup a month, they can simply save pancakes for a once or twice a month treat and top them with real maple syrup. The taste does not compare, and the cost difference would be minimal.

While clipping coupons can be great for the budget, there are many other ways to save money without sacrificing health. How does your family save money on whole foods?

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Make your Work Available

If you run a business in a service or private contracting field, if you’re a freelance graphic designer or a broker for article writers, the most important thing you can do to get more work is to make your past accomplishments visible and available.

A cartoonist, for instance, who draws a graphic novel one year and charges $20 a download might earn some modest returns on his investment, but he’s not winning any new clients by hiding his crowning achievement behind a twenty dollar price tag.

If you have an impressive resume, if you can ace an interview, that’s great, but all of that is complimentary to having a powerful body of work behind you, and making all of that work as visible and as accessible as possible is absolutely going to help you earn new clients, new business and make more sales.

There are a few things that you can do to make your work a little easier for clients and customers to see.

1. Start a Hub

A hub of some sort is really a requisite. Not a traditional website or blog necessarily but a one-stop shop for people to find all of your past work. It could include a link to some Youtube videos you’ve done, articles you’ve written, eBooks you’ve published or your webcomic. Occasionally you’ll want to link a prospective client specifically to your blog or your eBook or a certain video, but in general, you’ll do well to have a place where people can go to look at everything you’ve done that’s worth looking at.

2. Produce More and Better Work

When you take all of your accomplishments, all of your output and lay it out end to end, you may be a little disappointed. Some of it perhaps isn’t as good as you remember and maybe there’s not all that much of it. The only solution to this is to keep trying. You might wind up with nine articles you’re not very proud of for every one that you are, but you’ll only get the good stuff by taking the risk that you might make something crummy, too.

3. Keep it Simple

Any more than a dozen or so links and you’re really overwhelming people. If you have a lot of stuff to show off, keep it under subcategories so that they don’t get overwhelmed. A video section, an art section and a writing section, for instance, can be a big help in providing a greater depth of content without throwing too much at browsers at once. Another option is to simply keep it down to a greatest hits collection of sorts. If you want to turn a friend on to a favorite band, you play them a few of your favorite songs, you don’t just start them off on their debut album and tell them to listen to everything they’ve ever produced.

Focus, productivity and being brutally honest with yourself are three things that will help you to produce a great timeline of your work and win more clients and more sales.

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Eating on a Budget

Eating frugally is a necessary survival skill for the college student. Dad is broke, and Aunt Fanny stopped sending birthday card checks.

Being broke is bad, but eating shouldn’t be a sad and drab affair, pushing Ramen noodles and beanies and weenies around the plate night after bloody night. There’s a solution for the boring Ramen noodle diet, and it starts with the zip-lock plastic baggy.

Scout the Local Pubs

The first task to eating frugally but well is to scout the local bars, saloons and nightclubs. Check the newspapers and free entertainment broadsheets for ads announcing happy hour, brunches and TGIF snacks. These are the targets.

The time of these free feasts should be noted. The smart, frugal college student will make an appearance at selected watering holes about 15 minutes after the feasts are laid out. Showing up any later than that and all that’s left is scraps and bones.

Baggy Pockets Increase Bounty

The proper attire must be worn. That means a nice jacket, blazer or sweater with several large pockets to line with plastic baggies. Don’t stuff food in pants because it’s easy to forget that plate of spaghetti in the back pocket. Sitting down will be a nasty reminder.

Money is needed to buy a drink. That’s the price of admission. The interest returned will be well worth the price.

Scouting the Chicken Wings

The student must walk into the club confident, like a longtime customer, and reconnoiter the buffet table. The chicken wings location should be noted. Grabbing the head-of-the-line position is not a good tactic. Everyone is looking at the first people in line and counting how many wings they’re taking.

When 65 percent of the wings are gone, it’s time for action. Everyone is busy eating and won’t be watching the table.

Harvesting Chicken Wings

Walk to the wings serving plate, and set one wing on the plate. Pick up another, and drop it in the baggy in the pocket. Get into a rhythm. One on the plate. One for the plastic baggy. One for the plate. One for the zip-lock. Continue the process until the feeling of eyeballs watching becomes overwhelming. Nobody is watching, though. It’s simply the good angel saying that’s enough.

Move now to the cocktail meatballs. One on the plate. One in the pocket. When there’s enough for a meatball sandwich, stop. Hot dogs and bratwurst slip easily into the pocket. Avoid the breast pocket as they might slip out when bending over. Avoid the chips and pretzels. Don’t be cheap.

Avoid Food that Slithers

Avoid any food that can run, slither or crawl. That includes jello, stew, spaghetti, chili and creme cake. The chance of smuggling them out in appetizing condition is nil.

If someone sees you loading cheese souffle in a pocket, explain that you’re a college student, and it’s for your sick puppy. Everyone who has gone to college will understand. It’s good to work in teams with each member specializing in different food categories.

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Top Ten At-Home Spa Items

Spending a day at the spa can put a major dent in your wallet.  You don’t have to sacrifice on luxury to get a spa experience at a fraction of the cost.    Go ahead, hop in the bathtub and treat yourself to an at-home spa.

1. Hair Towel
Begin your relaxation process by wrapping your hair in towel made especially for your strands. These turbine-like towels will keep the hair out of your face without weighing down your neck like a regular-sized towel.

2. Aromatherapy Candles
Set the mood by placing scented candles around your bathtub and on counters or shelves in your bathroom. Be sure to choose a relaxing scent that will provide a calming effect and not an energizing scent that will leave you ready to vacuum the carpet.

3. Bath Fizzle Kit
Fill your bath with amazing scents found in a Bath Fizzle Kit. Enjoy the fizzy experience during the bath and the softer skin afterwards.

4. Facial Scrubs
Bring out the glow in your skin by coating your face in a scrub or mask that leaves you with a healthier looking face. Try a Dead Sea Spa Care Anti-Aging Facial which contains ingredients that could leave your face looking younger.

5. Simply Basic Cotton Bouquet Foot Scrub
Don’t forget to treat your feet! Get rid of unwanted odor and scrub away dead skin with Simply Basic Cotton Bouquet Foot Scrub. When you step out of the tub, you will notice the difference.

6. Wine Glass
Pour yourself a glass of wine or your favorite beverage while you relax in the tub. Choose from many different styles, and drink from a glass that fits your unique personality.

7. Chocolate
Who says you can’t buy chocolates for yourself on Valentine’s Day? Enjoy some unusual chocolate dipped foods, including chocolate covered Gummi bears and chocolate covered raspberries. Or settle for the more usual selection of chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered pretzels. Whatever you choose, enjoy letting it melt in your mouth while you melt in the bathtub.

8. Face Lotion
After you’re all relaxed and clean, it’s time to put on the face lotion and seal in that moisture. Try applying the Papaya Face Cream before you go to bed. Wake up in the morning with a face that is moisturized without feeling greasy.

9. Body Lotion
Seal the softness into your skin by applying a moisturizer all over your body after you get out of the bath. Choose a soothing fragrance that has a relaxing effect.

10. Satin Pillowcase
For silkier hair that doesn’t lose its shine overnight, try using satin pillowcases. The friction between hair and cotton pillowcases can cause damage to your hair. However, satin pillowcases provide a smoother surface for hair, leaving it less tangled and more manageable by morning.

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Methods to Save for your Small Business

Every penny counts for owners of small businesses. Saving money is a never-ending quest, because any savings can lead to growth by the company and even higher revenue. Owners can get more out of their small businesses by following these four practical-yet-effective tips.

Utilize Social Media
When most people think of social media as a marketing tool, they think of widespread viral campaigns. While a lot of viral campaigns have enjoyed nationwide or even global popularity, the truth is that a social media campaign doesn’t need to be huge. Small businesses can utilize social networks effectively, and they can even do it faster than most large companies.

Twitter is a great example of a way to quickly market through social media. On days where sales might be slow, business owners can offer a sale or other discount and then tweet about it. By retweeting form a personal account, the company will reach its followers and the owners friends. All it takes is a few followers retweeting a deal, and suddenly a short Twitter message will have generated a boost in revenues. Getting the word out locally is the goal.

Save on Office Supplies by Buying For the Long Term
Owners of small businesses tend to go day-by-day when business is sluggish, but this can backfire. The cost of minor expenses for a business, such as pens or paper towels, can add up quickly when they’re bought in small quantities on an infrequent basis. By joining a warehouse club or buying in bulk, owners can save a good deal of money. Since the supplies will be used eventually, there’s no real drawback associated with buying in bulk.

Owners Need to Know Margins
This is common sense, but the number of business owners who don’t know their costs is staggering. Margins fluctuate in every industry, they are rarely a static figure. Owners need to be aware of the margins on the products or services they’re selling so that they can adjust prices properly. Companies that aren’t paying close attention to their margins are companies that aren’t maximizing their revenues, and in some cases they’re also companies that are going out of business.

Contractors Are a Cheap Way to Get Online
A website is a critical component of a small business. Just giving customers a landing point to learn more about the company can lead to increased sales, and web hosting for small companies is more affordable than it’s ever been. Hiring a web designer is usually the cost that stops a lot of businesses from launching sites.

Fortunately, there are cheap ways to have a site designed. A large firm isn’t necessary to get a great website built. Small business owners can look to independent contractors in classified ads to get quality work. Another great option is to recruit from nearby college campuses. Students who have significant progress in their degree program can offer professional-grade results at a fraction of the cost of larger design companies.

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Living More Frugally By Trimming Your Monthly Expenses

Often, when people discuss living frugally, the discussion turns to saving a little extra cash by skipping that daily gourmet coffee or dining out less often. But when circumstances warrant trimming more than a few discretionary purchases, it is time to find ways to save more significantly on the monthly expenses. A close examination of one’s budget often reveals that savings, in amounts both both large and small, can be found.

1. Getting A Grip: In order to find ways to trim the budget, first one must know where the money is going. A review of spending habits over the past twelve months is helpful, as it will take into account seasonal expenses, but even a review of three months’ spending is a good starting point. Keeping a journal of every penny spent will provide a detailed perspective of any wasteful discretionary spending.

2. Look At The Big Picture: Once the household budget records are collected, start the review with the largest expenses, as they offer the largest potential savings. For most people, that means housing. By reducing housing costs, households can often trim hundreds of dollars per month from their expenses. If homeowners cannot or do not wish to downsize or move to a more affordable home, savings can still be realized by looking for a less expensive homeowner’s insurance policy, or by adopting energy saving practices to reduce utility costs. Another large expense that can often be reduced is vehicle expenses, by continuing to drive one’s current vehicle after paying it off, or choosing to purchase a pre-owned or more fuel efficient vehicle when replacing one’s current car.

3. No Savings Too Small: For recurring monthly bills, even small amounts of savings can quickly add up. For instance, by choosing a pre-paid cellular service rather than a monthly service plan, a cell phone user may save fifty or even one hundred dollars per month. While that in and of itself is a sizable savings, consider also that, over the course of a year, this snowballs into a $600 to $1200 savings! Similarly, reducing cable television subscriptions, eliminating landline phone service, and cutting subscriptions to magazines or online entertainment, can yield several hundred dollars of savings per year. Even transferring a credit card balance to an account with a more favorable interest rate can save a borrower significant interest charges.

4. Find Money At The Grocery: Many household purchases, such as food and household necessities, are essential expenses. However, how much a family spends on groceries can be significantly reduced by smart shopping at the grocery store. Clipping coupons, and then using them when the product is on sale, can add up to substantial savings on grocery bills. The recent return to popularity of coupon shopping, and the ease of printing coupons from online couponing websites, can give a household significant relief from rising grocery bills.

5. Keep Trimming The Fat: After considering the household budget and making a first round of expense cuts, commit to making a periodic review. By undertaking quarterly reviews of the household budget, additional savings opportunities may surface.

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Start Something New Every Morning

Here’s an idea to put to work with your small business, one you can apply to your work no matter what you do whether you’re a real estate developer, a baker, an artist, a copy writer or an inventor: Every morning, you probably hop on your computer and check your emails. Tomorrow when you wake up, don’t do that. Instead, use those early minutes of the day to create something new.

Put together a new banner ad, write a new article, make a new contact and start a new business relationship, but take the first hour of the day and use it to focus on what new things you’re going to experience in your immediate future. Don’t waste that hour reading up on how everyone responded to what you did yesterday, use it to make people respond to something you’re going to do today.

The approach that people have to communication and business on the internet is quite often totally backwards. They’re more focused in studying past successes than pursuing new ones. Don’t fall into that trap. It’s true that you can learn from your mistakes, but dwelling on them suggests a timidity about making new ones, and making new mistakes is how you learn from them, not by focusing on ones you made yesterday or a week ago.

Say you put in a proposal at your favorite freelancing website yesterday. You’re probably eager to see if any of those proposals got a response. Why not put in five more proposals before checking? The sting of disappointment when your proposals are turned down hurts a little less because you’re not focusing on your past mistakes, you’re focusing on future opportunities.

Many bloggers do their best work in the morning for this very reason. At 7 AM, there’s no telling how the day is going to turn out and anything is possible. It’s exciting to start a new day full of possibility, and the easiest way to squander that excitement is to immediately start worrying about whether the client replied to that email, whether that banner ad you designed yesterday is drawing in hits, whether you have any positive comments on the new video you posted and on and on.

Use lunchtime to focus on the past if you like, but use the morning to create something new, to do something exciting. As fun as it might be to look and see if you’re getting any extra hits from that new blog directory you just submitted to or whether your new ad campaign is working, the bottom line is that it’s not getting you anywhere to obsess over those factoids early in the morning. Start something new every time you get out of bed and you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish in a day.

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Sock It to Me Sweepstakes Winners

We want to thank everyone that entered a non-profit organization in our January 2012 Sock It to Me Sweepstakes.  We received hundreds of nominations.  Here are the winners:

Name of the Non-Profit Place
Operation: Kid Equip 1st Place – 300 socks
Wrapped in HIS Warmth 2nd Place 180 socks
First Chance Foundation 3rd Place – 120 socks
Bethlehem Inn 4th Place 60 socks
Carry the Fire 4th Place 60 socks
Es Amor Servicios Cristianos 4th Place 60 socks
First Assembly of God 4th Place 60 socks
Friday Night Supper Program 4th Place 60 socks
Helping Hands at St Paschals Church 4th Place 60 socks
Inside Dharma, Inc 4th Place 60 socks
Operation Christmas Child 4th Place 60 socks
Scarlet Revolution 4th Place 60 socks
The Night Ministry 4th Place 60 socks

Please support these non-profit organizations or the organization of your choice.  It’s important to give back so those less fortunate can succeed.

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10 Wholesale Items To Build Easter Baskets

The Easter basket is an important tradition for many children. If you have lots of baskets to create, such as for all your nieces and nephews or for a class full of kids, you can save a considerable amount of money by buying the treats for the baskets wholesale. You can even buy the baskets wholesale.

1. Easter Stuffed Animals are an adorable addition to any basket and incredibly inexpensive when you purchase them in bulk. Choose from a chick, bunny or lamb. If you want, mix and match the stuffed animals or put one of each in each basket. You can also put realistic looking stuffed bunny in the baskets.

2. No Easter basket is complete without several Plastic Easter Eggs filled with sweet treats or other surprises. Get at least five eggs per basket. What you put in each egg is completely up to you. If you prefer, get the mini plastic eggs for a cute little basket. Give the basket a sports theme by filling it with sports themed eggs.

3. Bunny ears headbands add a touch of silliness to an Easter basket. The adorable white and pink ears rest on top of a comfortable, snap-on headband. They are a perfect addition to a set of baskets given to a class of kids.

4. Jelly Beans and other candies are a must for any basket. Use the jelly beans to fill the plastic Easter eggs or leave them in the package and give each child an entire bagful in their baskets.

5. Easter grass simply needs to go in the bottom of the basket. You may regret it and the parents of the children may not appreciate it, but the colorful strands of plastic are an essential tradition (a tradition that makes a big mess). You’ll get an assortment of cheerful pastel colors, so feel free to mix and match in the baskets.

6. Inexpensive and colorful Easter slide puzzles add a bit of fun. Kids will spend minutes or hours trying to solve each puzzle.

7. Add some more fun to each basket by tucking in an Easter paddle ball game. Buying multiple paddle ball games in bulk means you’ll pay less than $1 per each, even though the kids will get hours of fun out of them. The games come in an assortment of Easter themed prints. If you prefer, you can get inspirational paddle ball games for the baskets.

8. Get creative with the Easter bunny Hatchem Eggs Growing Pet. After opening the egg, a child places it in water and watches it grow. It’s a fun and slightly different Easter treat.

9. Add sparkle to the baskets with 2-tone Putty Eggs. The putty inside the plastic egg is both slimy and sparkling.

10. Don’t forget to finish the basket by Easter

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