Youth Programs Give Children Hope Through Art

Youth Development and Capacity Building, Inc., located in Atlanta, Ga., serves the disadvantaged youth and communities through education and development. We host numerous youth educational initiatives throughout the year to develop positive minds and a clear future for our youth and community. By consistently adding programs, initiatives and projects that focus on our youth’s education and literary development, we help them strive for a better future. We also balance their health and nutritional values with an educational guide on healthy eating and portion control. We partner with state and local government agencies, community-based organizations, civic groups, higher learning institutions, and more to achieve our goals.

Thanks to DollarDays, we received school supplies, art supplies, office supplies and more. Some of the items helped the survivors of the tornado that hit Louisville, Miss., and the floods in the Georgia district. The school supplies and other items helped to tackle the sadness experienced by these children after the disaster by shifting the focus from the tragedy to a hopeful path forward.

One of our high school students in Louisville, Miss., received some of the items and explained that they helped expand her reading abilities. Also, our Volunteer Youth Director, Jean Harper, visibly displayed the art and school supplies in order to help with reading and learning strategies for the students. After we distributed the goods to students in need, we used the rest of the items for youth camps like the one in Brandywine, Md., (Zou Camp) that really needed new school and art supplies over the years for their programs.

Thank you, Good360 and DollarDays, for helping us improve the future of children throughout the nation.

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