California Needs Our Help

With seventeen wildfires actively burning, 94,000+ acres burned and more than 1,000,000 people without power over the weekend, California needs our help more than ever. Caused by historic winds, dry fuel and drought, containing the fires throughout the state is looking to be a near-impossible task. In Sonoma County alone, more than 200,000 residents have been displaced from their homes.
Many of our nonprofit partners are rushing to aid those displaced. It is our goal to get the right goods to those who need it most during all stages of a disaster.

Current critically needed items by Californians include:

How you can help:

Contact your local nonprofit: Find out what initiatives local nonprofits are taking to help California, and donate the products they need most.

Donate: Whether it’s a monetary or product donation, firefighters, relief workers and victims will all need aid to rebuild and recover from the damage caused. Even the smallest donation makes a difference.

Volunteer: If you are near an area affected by these fires, contact local shelters and find out if they need an extra pair of hands to assist with shelter operations.

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