Better than an Apple

As teachers and students head into the second half of the year, they are in desperate need of school supplies. Many start off the year at already low levels, and after half a year of wear and tear, need a replenishment of essentials. Amarillo Downtown Kiwanis Chapter’s school and hygiene supply stuffing project focused on providing hope to children living in difficult places.

Traci Rogers, the Executive Director of No Boundaries International and a member of the Amarillo Downtown Kiwanis chapter, explains, “The amazing part for us is that as we’ve had the chance to receive feedback from the children – For example, ‘I got my OWN toothbrush’ or ‘Now I can color because I got crayons’ or ‘I get to wash my hair tonight because I got shampoo!!’. What an impact that has had on our team.” She added, “Through this project students recognize that there are people that believe in them and see the worth in them.”

DollarDays is ready to service all of your backpack, pencils, pens, markers, paper and hygiene needs. Let’s rally around our students and help with all their classroom necessities.

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