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June Facebook Contest Winners

Posted by admin on Jul 3, 2013 9:07:19 AM

We have winners!! Eighteen of them!

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Easy way to help your favorite charity

Posted by admin on Jun 12, 2013 4:09:10 AM

You don't even have to get out of your chair. Just click on this image and you will be taken to our June Facebook Sweepstakes.

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5 ways to put a personal touch on small biz

Posted by admin on Jun 4, 2013 12:01:34 AM

By guest blogger Laura.Colado of Bongo International

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Teachers win $5,000 in merchandise

Posted by admin on Jun 3, 2013 2:23:16 AM

The results of DollarDays' May Facebook Contest are in!

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DEAL ALERT! Designer Backpacks!

Posted by admin on May 29, 2013 6:52:10 AM

Here's a great value that moms and dads everywhere will appreciate.

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5 Ways to Help Teachers and Students Beat Sequestration

Posted by admin on May 10, 2013 7:07:53 AM

“Here we are at the end of another school year, and once again, teachers throughout the US are facing uncertainty,” said Marc Joseph, Founder and CEO of DollarDays. “Will they have a job next school year, and if so, will their classrooms balloon to unmanageable sizes? Congress has not acted and now the impact of sequestration on federal educational programs is becoming a frightening reality.”

DollarDays, America’s premier online wholesaler, works closely with teachers and school administrators across the country, supplying the tools and supplies needed most in public education. We hear the horror stories of budget and personnel cuts from our customers in primary and secondary education throughout the year and the thought of deeper education cuts does not look good for our kids or our teachers.

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Winners of our April $5,000 Pet Shelter Giveaway!

Posted by admin on May 2, 2013 5:00:37 AM

Congrats to the Winners of our April $5,000 Pet Shelter Giveaway!
$2000 winner: Partners for Pets
$1,000 winner: Jefferson County Humane Society
$500 winner: Adams County Pet Rescue in Othello
$100 winners:

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We're giving away $5,000 to teachers this month

Posted by admin on May 1, 2013 2:08:43 AM

Click on the apple below to learn how to enter your favorite teacher to win in our $5,000 merchandise giveaway this month!

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100,000 Facebook Fans Winner

Posted by admin on Apr 24, 2013 6:10:22 AM

We have a winner! For the past few months, we have been trying to hit the 100,000 fan mark on Facebook, so we made it into a contest. We asked fans to guess the month, day and time when we would hit 100,000 fans.

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DollarDays' $5,000 Pet Shelter Giveaway

Posted by admin on Apr 9, 2013 3:46:14 AM

Most of us own pets. We know the comfort they provide for life’s invisible scars. The unconditional love they provide transcends work issues, family conflicts, death, divorce and other life events. Our pets don’t care if we can read or not, what our skin color is or who we love.

At DollarDays, the nation’s premier online wholesaler, we are doing our part by giving away $5,000 worth of merchandise to help animal shelters across the country---and you can be a part of it. Please nominate an animal shelter in your community by entering on our Facebook page. Additionally, Animal Planet’s hit reality TV show, Pit Bulls and Parolees, will have a donation opportunity for their pit bull rescue center, Villalobos (VRC) on DollarDays’ checkout page during April. Customers can choose to donate $1, $5 or $20 to VRC.

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Wholesale Everything for Everyone

DollarDays is compassionate

You may just think we are the premier online wholesaler, but we do so much more than delivering small business, non-profits and consumers the best possible margins on over 300,000 wholesale products.

We are proud of our commitment to:

  • Our 5% Giveback Program, where we donate 5% of your order to a non-profit you choose!
  • Each month, we donate $5,000 worth of merchandise to a cause that our fans nominate via Facebook.

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