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Meet DollarDays Podcast Host

Meet DollarDays’ podcast host, Sean.  Sean authors and delivers a weekly podcast show to DollarDays customers, touching on topics about how to run a successful distributorship to the true back story of DollarDays and CEO Marc Joseph’s commitment to giving back to communities, and everything in between.

Although this is only our second podcast, we are committed to getting the word out about all that DollarDays has to offer.   You can listen to any of our podcasts heresean

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CEO Marc Joseph hits LinkedIn Milestone

We are proud of our CEO, Marc Joseph, who is one of LinkedIn’s most influential members.  He has one of the top 1% most viewed @LinkedIn profiles for 2012. With 1,429 connections, he is linked to 11,800,853 professionals! Congratulations, Marc Joseph! MArcLinkedIn2

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We’ve Extended our $9.95 Distributorship Program

SMALLFor the month of February, we are extending our New Year new opportunity so anyone can own their own online business right away! At DollarDays, we believe in helping small businesses succeed, which is why we created this turnkey solution.  CEO Marc Joseph’s recent Huffington Post article to get a little fuel for becoming an online distributor.

With our Distributor Program, you get a unique sub-domain on our site, with all the same products and content as DollarDays.com. We provide you the added benefit of customer retention and long term sales while offering a commission rate of up to 15%! Many of us have dreamed about owning our own business but the costs are just too much. DollarDays has created a distributor program where there is no investment in inventory. It gives you the chance to sell over 225,000 different products by the case at truckload prices to the businesses and organizations in your town or to your neighbors. It is a very simple program.

The setup fee ($99)  is waived for the first year. The annual fee is equal to the price featured at the time of renewal. All DollarDays order policies apply. A monthly recurring fee of  $9.95 (normally $15.95)  will be charged for the following services:

  • Full Service Sales Force
  • Complete customer service including handling returns
  • All customer order tracking and email notification
  • Order processing and shipping
  • Payment Processing (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, PayPal)
  • Responsibility for collections on unpaid or delinquent orders
  • Website hosting and daily maintenance of product database
  • Manage and warehouse all inventory.

We handle it all, so you can spend your time promoting your website! Go ahead and compare programs. We guarantee you won’t find others that offer so much for so little.

Already have your own storefront (online or brick and mortar)? Use this opportunity to buy merchandise for your store and make commission on it.

In addition to all of the above, we offer significant help to you through our Distributorship Tool Kit, Q&A podcasts and a free downloadable copy of CEO Marc Joseph’s book ($22.95 value),The Secrets of Retailing…or How to Beat Wal Mart.

Take a closer look at our distributorship program. We’d love to have you on board.


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Winners of January’s 1,000 Fleece Blankets Giveaway

Wow.  One thousand blankets. So many people need them to stay warm this winter. We are proud to be a part of helping those in need, and you should be too! We had 3,974 people nominate their favorite non-profits to receive the blankets. Thank you to all who participated.

Here are the winners! Did yours win? If the non-profit you nominated won, please let us know on Facebook!

FIRST PLACE: WON 240 BLANKETS! Eden Garden Orphanage   Leesburg VA
SECOND PLACE: WON144 BLANKETS! A Grateful Mind International    Orlando FL
THIRD PLACE: WON 96 BLANKETS Making a Way Housing    Atlanta GA

The following non-profits each won 24 fleece blankets:
Detroit Hunger Alliance     Hamtramck MI
Homeless Helpers    Rendon Texas
Truth for Women Center    Bethlelhem PA
Domestic Violence Shelter and Services Wilmington DE
Putting Downs First  Southington OH
Vision Hope   St. Claire Shores MI
Lost Our Home Pet Foundation  Phoenix AZ
Ohio Wildlife Center   Columbus OH
Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center   Minneapolis MN
The Women’s Collective    Washington DC
Astra Zinaca Hope Lodge   Boston  MA
Heart N Hand   Cass County MO
Longmont Meals on Wheel    Longmont CO
Halifax County Cancer Association  Halifax VA
Horry County Homeless Center    Murrells Inlet SC
The Center for Women and Children in Crisis    Orem UT
Monkey Do Project   Indianapolis IN
Friendly House    Davenport IA
Great Dane Rescue of Southeast Texas   Houtson TX
Animal Refuge Center (ARC)   N. Fort Myers FL
A Place to Sleep   Fort Worth TX
Love Thy Neighbor Fund     Fort Lauderdale FL
Three Square   Las Vegas NV
Adopt a Cat Foundation   Lake Park FL

Thanks again for your participation and making a difference!

This month’s  DollarDays’ Giveaway is $5,000 in merchandise for the home-town small business you nominate! Check out our Small Business Pay It Forward Giveaway here!





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1200 Pairs of Socks Given to Non-Profits Across the Country

socksCongratulations to our December Sock-It-To-Me Sweepstake Winners!

We had over 1,000 non-profit organizations nominated to receive Free Socks. Our deepest thanks to each of you who took the time to help those in need.

Here  are the winners we’ve been able to contact so far and will continue to update the list as contact is made:

1st place – 300 pairs of socks – Operation Nightwatch, Seattle, WA
2nd place – 180 pairs of socks – The Women’s Center, Waukesha, WI
3rd place – 120 pairs of socks – Soldier’s Angels, Pasedena, CA
4th place – 60 pairs of socks – HERO House, Bellevue, WA
4th place – 60 pairs of socks – Making A Way Housing, Atlanta, GA
4th place – 60 pairs of socks – Mercy House, Santa Ana, CA
4th place – 60 pairs of socks – Beth Dillinger Foundation, St. Petersburg, FL
4th place – 60 pairs of socks – The Providence House, Keithville, LA
4th place – 60 pairs of socks – Community Action Agency of Siouxland, Sioux City, IA
4th place – 60 pairs of socks – Father Joe’s Villages, San Diego, CA

We will update this post with the other winners as we contact them and they accept the prizes.  Congratulations to all the non-profits that won and who will be keeping a lot of feet warm this winter.  We also wish to thank the 1,100 people who nominated a non-profit.  Together we can make a difference!

If you nominated any of the winners, please post it on our Facebook page! You are appreciated!!

We have similar contests every month to help non-profit organizations, schools and small businesses.  Our goal for the monthly contests is to help those in need. It’s our pay it forward effort to help those who have supported us through the years.

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DollarDays Board Member Quoted in Time Magazine

Eric Best

Eric Best

DollarDays board member, Eric Best, was quoted in Time Magazine today in an article about why sellers are switching to dynamic pricing.  You can read the article here: Eric in Time Magazine.We are proud that our board members have expertise credibility, and that they are just one of our many strengths.



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DollarDays CEO meets “Rudy”

DollarDays’ CEO Marc Joseph had the opportunity to hear Rudy Ruettiger’s keynote address at last week’s Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas.

Many of you may remember Rudy, portrayed in the 1993 classic movie, Rudy, that captures his determination to overcome the odds to fulfill his dream. Rudy is now a motivational speaker whose message is contagious and inspirational. One of Rudy’s rules to live by was well received by the audience, “It is interesting what happens to your life when you take control. You attract positive people, people willing to mentor you.”

After the keynote, Marc JosephMarc Rudy was able to meet Rudy and get a signed copy of his book.

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Own Your Own Business for $9.95 Per Month!

Your OWN business!

With the uncertainty of the fiscal cliff, DollarDays, took a proactive approach and created an exciting business opportunity to help nervous Americans earn extra income in 2013 to offset the hardship of a potential tax increase.

DollarDays CEO Marc Joseph announced today, “In these tough economic times, DollarDays is moving forward with the opportunity for business-minded individuals to own their own online store for only $9.95 per month, with waived activation fees and inspired commission incentives. Through the DollarDays Distributorship Promotion, individuals can own their own store without having to spend money on expensive inventory or pay thousands for an online store build. DollarDays manages the inventory, provides an online store and many resources for success. For $9.95 a month, not only is it a brand new opportunity with great potential, it’s a tool to help Americans have peace of mind about putting money in the bank.”

For those who already own an online or brick and mortar store, there’s quite a strategic opportunity available within the Distributorship Program. Store owners can buy wholesale merchandise through their distributorship store to sell at their existing store, earning commission on their inventory! This is great news for eBay and Amazon sellers, too.

Really, anyone can own their own business and start earning money now—as a distributor or an affiliate, or both. As always, DollarDays’ commitment to small business is our number one goal.


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$5,000 Pet Supply Shopping Spree October 2012

Our October $5,000 pet supply shopping spree contest was a huge success! 

We had over 1,300 total nominates from all over the country.  It was amazing to see our community come together and show their passion for local animal shelters.  This dedicated group of people are doing great things and we are honored to help them.  As Hurricane Sandy hit was saw a spike in the number of East coast nominations.  Our thoughts are with the Humane Society and all the local shelters hit by this terrible storm.

Here are the winners of the Pet Supply Shopping Spree:

We are still in the process of contacting the other 14 organizations who won $100 in merchandise.  We will update this post as the other winners are contacted.  Thank-you again for all the wonderful nominations!

Take a minute to day to nominate any non-profit to win our November Facebook contest.

We are also giving away 100 boxes for free toys to local toy drives!  Nominate a toy drive to win!

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The Host With the Most: Building the Perfect Website for Your Business



Building a business website is more than just throwing some content together, adding a few keywords and hoping that since you built it, the customers will come. You have to devise a way for people to find and stay on your site until they purchase your products or services. How can you make that happen?

The following tips are a great start.

Getting Off on the Right Foot

A good web hosting service should provide you with website builder’s tools, guarantee 99.9 percent uptime, offer excellent customer service, support email accounts through your domain and provide adequate protection from outside threats. A virtual private server is a good route to take if you want to control your own server, which allows your business to produce top-of-the-line customer service because you won’t have to rely on a web host company. Premiere virtual private server hosting has a capable and easy-to-use control panel that helps manage myriad resources across your shared network.

After you choose a web hosting service, it’s time to pick a proper domain name. The name should be either your business name or something describing what you do. It needs to be something customers can remember and spell easily. If a customer can’t find you, you lose sales. Finally, as you’re choosing, don’t make the name so close to another business’s name that your customers can confuse the two.

Design & Links

Have a clean, user-friendly site for visitors to browse through. Avoid flashy multimedia and opt for white space instead of “stuff.” An easy-to-use website that is appealing to the eye will keep visitors clicking through instead of clicking out. If your page only works on certain screen resolutions or browsers, you run the risk of losing visitors because a messy, unprofessional site drives customers away. Check your page’s browser compatibility with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari and their different versions.

Linking to your website helps search engine spiders find it. You should use social media links and trade links with other sites, which is called back linking. If you trade links with someone, make sure their site complements yours, but is not in direct competition with it. The other site can sell the same services and products, but you shouldn’t infringe on each other’s customer bases.

For example, if your site only targets people in Alabama and their state only targets people in Michigan, it’s a great idea for a partnership. If your site sells a widget, but the other person’s site sells an accessory to the widget but not the widget itself, that would also be a good link.


Make your site mobile-friendly. Many people search for things on the go. If a person is looking for a specific product and you carry it, your site should show up in their mobile search results. With a mobile-ready site, a prospective customer can easily navigate your site on a smart phone and get directions to your business.

Contact information is just about the most important information on the website. List your business name, address, phone number, email address and social media information somewhere on every page of the website. The footer is a great place for this information. Create a “Contact Us” page with all the necessary information.

As a final touch, post pictures and videos about services or products. If using YouTube, imbed the videos or link to them directly. According to the Small Business Advisor, YouTube is the second most searched website after Google. Use it to your advantage.

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