Back to School 2020: Planning for the Future

By Michael Campbell

It’s hard to ignore the fact that the spread of COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the country and the way we are living our day-to-day lives. One area that was hit almost immediately was our school system, with many schools shutting down for the year in March. As these changes have gone into effect, parents and teachers have been incredibly resourceful in continuing to educate their children and students.

Big Box School Supplies

We, at DollarDays, have always made it our mission to be a partner for schools and teachers. As things continue to change we are committed to being a valuable resource and that is why we are officially launching our Back to School season! This year we are bringing back our Big Box brand of affordable, bulk school supplies, as well as our wholesale backpack brand, Forward. On top of that, we have also put together low-cost, individual school kits for everyone trying to navigate homeschooling.

Back to School Catalog

Even though normal schedules have been thrown out the window, we want to make sure that when schools are ready to prepare for the next school year, they won’t have to scramble to find what they need. To make things even easier we will soon be releasing our Back to School Catalog. Our catalog of curated school supplies easily breaks down our assortment into the categories teachers need.

Teacher Appreciation Week Contest

We also want to make sure teachers know how much they are appreciated. May 4th – 8th is Teacher Appreciation Week and, in honor of that, we are hosting a prize giveaway. We will be asking people to submit nominations of their favorite teacher. The top three winners will receive close to $1000 of school supplies for their classroom! You can nominate your favorite teacher here!

What’s Next?

We know that when buying school supplies in bulk, you might have a lot of questions about your order and how it will be shipped to you. That is why we have a dedicated representative who understands the buying needs of those in the education field. You can email Joe Pearson at or call him at 480 922-8155 x 119. He would love to hear from you! And don’t forget, all teachers and educators always get a 10% discount on through

Times are especially strange right now, but we want to make sure our teachers and schools know we support them. We’re here to provide the resources they’ll need, wherever at home or in the classroom.

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