Stuck Inside? Work on those New Year Resolutions

New Year’s Resolution Products: Become a Better You

It’s okay, we forgot about ours too. Many people set New Year’s resolutions — but they often have trouble keeping them. Multiple studies by the University of Scranton have concluded that, over a two-year period, up to 80 percent of people fail to keep their resolutions. While the success rate is still much higher than those who don’t make resolutions, sticking to a goal clearly can be a challenge.
There are several ways to improve your chances of holding to a New Year’s resolution. They include making specific and realistic goals, getting support from others and not letting an occasional slip-up throw you off-track. You’ll also need the correct New Year resolution products to help you achieve your goal.
DollarDays has put together a list of the best products for five popular New Year’s resolutions. Whether you want to eat better, get in shape or save money, you’ll have the right tools. Readers might even get a few New Year’s resolution ideas for themselves! The best part is that all of these can be done from home! Read on for ideas on how to become a better you.

1. Getting in Shape: Exercise Gear

Resistance Bands: Many professional athletes use resistance band training to improve strength and flexibility. Elastic exercise bands add variety to workouts and can be used to work the entire body. The bands are color-coded to indicate resistance for different training levels. It’s a great way to keep your at-home workout interesting!
Activewear: You can only do so much exercise in jeans and flip-flops. Activewear for men and women is lightweight, provides support and helps wick away sweat so you’ll be comfortable as you work out. Stock up on performance T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, shorts, joggers, yoga pants and other athletic gear.

2. Eating Better: Healthy Food Options

Healthy Snacks: There are many options other than candy bars and cookies for eating between meals. Nuts and seeds are packed with nutrients and take longer to digest so the cravings don’t come right back. Instead of highly-processed junk food that spikes your blood sugar, consider granola bars, energy bars and other snack bars.
Tea: Get the energy boost you need without the added calories of soda and energy drinks. Black teas, green teas and herbal teas have many proven health benefits. Drinking a daily cup of tea can help with weight loss, support cardiovascular health, soothing the digestive system and more.
Protein Shakes & Bars: High-protein drinks such as whey protein shakes are excellent for weight management. The protein keeps you fuller longer, they help with digestion and they don’t cause blood sugar spikes. If you’re also trying to get in shape (above), extra protein will help you build muscle.

3. Saving Money: Ways to Cut Costs

Savings Banks: It may seem like a children’s item, but having a place to put your loose change and dollar bills can add up. Set a savings bank on your desk or dresser, and if you’ve committed to saving a certain amount, add a little bit every day to reach your goal.
Food Storage Sets: Making food ahead of time and pre-packaging it for the week is a great way to save time and money. Make sure to get reusable food storage containers to save even more. If you are also dieting, food storage sets are great for portion control.
Budget-Tracking Notebooks: In the age of credit cards and electronic bank statements, it’s easy to buy things without thinking about the cost. Get a notebook and manually track everything you spend. You’ll quickly learn where most of your money is going and where you might be able to curb spending.

4. Self-Care: Beauty & Personal Care

Cosmetics & Fragrances: When you look beautiful, you’ll feel more confident. Something as simple as the right lip gloss or eyeliner can do wonders. Other cosmetics options include body spray, acne removers, nail polish sets and make-up brushes.
Sleep Aids: A big part of personal care is a good night’s sleep. If you’ve resolved to get better rest, consider investing in sleep aids. There are sleep masks to block out light, earplugs for noisy apartment complexes, tablets to help you doze off and other sleep treatments to wake up refreshed.
Bags & Totes: You’ll have everything you need to take care of yourself when you own a nice bag to put things in. Get a backpack, tote, handbag, briefcase or messenger bag for personal belongings. They’re great for business or personal use to keep you organized.

5. Tidying Up: Cleaning Products

All-Purpose Cleaners: If you’re going to be stuck at home, you might as well keep things fresh and clean. It’s also easier to clean the house when you don’t have 20 different cleansers to sort through. All-purpose cleaning supplies can be used for many rooms and surfaces, including kitchen tables, bathroom sinks, living room floors and office desks. There are liquids, sprays and foams for whatever suits your household.
Vacuums: With a good vacuum, you can clean carpets and dry spills on any carpet or hardwood floor. Many home vacuums now have advanced cleaning power and easily fit in a closet. A handheld wet/dry vacuum can be used on couches, counters and car floors to keep everything dirt-free.

Turn your annual resolution into a lifelong commitment with the help of DollarDays. We offer many New Year’s resolution products in bulk so you’ll have what you need for years of setting and keeping goals.

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