The Big Deal about Big Box™ School Supplies

At DollarDays, our goal is to always be the best partner possible for all wholesale needs. Because of that, we often work with schools, nonprofits and small businesses for all kinds of projects and missions. To make things even easier we have our personal line of school supplies called Big Box™.

Shopping online, especially shopping in bulk, shouldn’t be a stressful process. Whether buying for a classroom or for a large service project, many people cannot afford to find all of their needed items individually at retail prices. That’s why it makes sense to have a customer-friendly, wholesale option.

Our Big Box™ line was made to keep things clean, simple and affordable. We are so proud of the quality of our 2020 line and know that these items are perfect for things like schools buying for the upcoming school year or nonprofits assembling outreach kits.

At DollarDays, we know that many are working with limited budgets and that’s why we believe in “stretching your dollars” to make the most impact possible. We invite you to explore our 2020 Big Box™ products and reach out with any questions! We’re excited about the impact these items will have in your community and would love to hear your feedback!

Explore our full selection:

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