When disaster strikes, we are here to help!

Communities are being affected daily by unforeseen disasters, whether we realize it or not. Whether it’s hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoon season, or the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world must be always prepared for the worst. Disasters like these not only impact one or two families, but entire communities. The ability to respond quickly to unfortunate situations requires having the right supplies on hand as well as good communication. When disaster strikes, remember that DollarDays has you and your community covered with critically needed supplies for every possible emergency. Let’s look at some of the necessary supplies that will be extremely useful for your community the next time disaster strikes.

1) First Aid Kits
First aid kits are the number one disaster relief essential to have around. There is always a possibility for injury no matter what emergency is occurring. Supplies in our wholesale first aid kits include disinfectant, bandages, tape, gauze, over-the-counter medicines, and gloves. First aid kits can easily be donated and can help save lives.

2) Hygiene Kits
When experiencing long periods of time without water or power, hygiene kits become a necessity. When natural disaster hits, it is often difficult to have a consistent place to refresh yourself. Always having a hygiene kit nearby is a necessity when disaster strikes to keep you, your family, and your community healthy.

3) Flashlights
When dark situations occur, flashlights by the case are an essential. Natural disasters often disrupt power lines, affecting people city-wide. Our wholesale portable, battery-operated flashlights are easy to carry around and will come in handy for every natural disaster.

4) Blankets
It is extremely common for natural disasters to knock out power in several homes and buildings. When this occurs, especially in the cold winter months, people need warmth during these hard times. Wholesale blankets are the perfect solution since they are lightweight, easily transportable and easy to snuggle up with anywhere during an emergency.

5) Ponchos
With natural disasters come rainy days – ponchos will keep you dry in these unfortunate situations. Bulk ponchos are cheap, easy to pack and store, and are incredibly useful. Consider donating ponchos to a local shelter or a non-profit organization.

6) Backpacks
Once you gather all your emergency relief essentials, where are you going to put them? A backpack is the solution to your family’s unplanned emergency trips. Our wholesale backpacks are a great size and are large enough to carry any essentials you may need in any situation. With assorted colors and sizes, we want to empower you to help your community be prepared for the worst. Keeping your backpack packed and put in a place you won’t forget is how you can stay prepared when disaster strikes.

Always having your personalized disaster relief kit around is a necessity. You never know when disaster will strike. Being stocked up and having all the necessary supplies will keep you and your family calm during any emergency occurrence. DollarDays is proud to work with many non-profit organizations to make sure people worldwide are prepared when disaster strikes.

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