Prepare for a Summer of Volunteering

Summer is the Season for Non-Profits and Small Businesses to Shine

Even though summer can be seen as a great time to relax and recharge, it can sometimes feel like one of the busiest seasons of the year. Because kids are off from school and parents may have a bit more flexibility in their schedules, many organizations run large events or fundraisers. The warm weather is the perfect setting for these events whether they’re aimed at kids or adults.

Take advantage of summer activities and events by using them as an opportunity to generate publicity for your organization. Here are four tips to help your organization stand out and attract more interest.

1. Define who you are.

People want to work with organizations that align with their beliefs and values. Working at, or attending, community events is an excellent way to ensure people know who you are, what you do, and how they can get involved. If you have the opportunity to speak and mingle with people at events, do so. Otherwise, something as simple as a logoed t-shirt with a short mission statement can be enough to get people to visit your website and learn more.

The work of non-profit organizations is essential but can go unnoticed. Use this summer as a time to get out and get noticed.

2. Demonstrate your value.

Whether you are hosting an event, organizing volunteers, or looking to make a charitable contribution to a good cause, a summer kitting party can be an excellent way to demonstrate your organization’s value to the community. From fun runs to fairs and everything in between, summer events require volunteers. Help take care of these folks with an essential volunteer with items like umbrellas, sunscreen, hats, and water bottles in it. Not only will this make a lasting positive impression on volunteers, but it may also inspire others to seek out volunteer opportunities with your organization.

DollarDays makes it easy to prepare your volunteers with all these items (and more) available in bulk at wholesale prices!

3. Host an event.

Nonprofits and small businesses alike need to be sure to build relationships among their employees. But office parties and events can feel nearly impossible when trying to stay within a tight budget. Summer offers the chance to secure cheap (often free!) outdoor venues like community parks.

DollarDays can provide you with all the necessary bulk party supplies at competitive prices so you don’t go over budget without sacrificing fun. Employees and volunteers will appreciate spending time relaxing and enjoying the company of colleagues building goodwill for the rest of the year.

4. Show you care.

Summer is the perfect time to increase donations to worthy causes. Consider helping summer camp programs in disadvantaged areas. Give kids a summer to remember with swimming trunks and t-shirts, flip flops, and brand-new toys and games. Stage an epic water gun battle, have a jump rope contest or start a band with digital air drumsticks. There is nothing more rewarding than bringing a smile to kids’ faces with a generous donation.

With DollarDays unbeatable selection of bulk school supplies, you can also make an impactful back-to-school donation so kids can start the year feeling confident and prepared to succeed. Fill a backpack with all the essentials like notebooks, folders, and pens and pencils, or an entire school supply kit.

We hope you have a wonderful and safe summer full of volunteering, event planning, and giving back to your community.

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