Disaster Relief: Ways to Prepare Your Organization

While summer might mean sunscreen, hot dogs, and lazy days at the pool for some, for disaster relief organizations, it’s a great time to evaluate preparations and procedures for potential weather-related emergencies. Although May is National Wildfire Awareness month, it’s not just wildfires that are cause for concern in the summer. As the mercury rises, many parts of the country are also at a higher risk for hurricanes, tornadoes, and powerful summer storms.

Now more than ever, communities rely on non-profits and disaster relief programs to provide necessary supplies and expertise, making this the perfect time to ensure you are ready and able to help when called.

Make sure your supplies are well stocked

One of the most important and simplest steps you can take is to take inventory of all the supplies you currently have on hand. When an emergency hits, you won’t have time to go digging through your supplies or spend time wondering if you have enough. You also want to go through the items you have in stock and make sure they are not expired or are still in good condition. You want to be sure you’ve thought of everything you might need before, during, and after disaster strikes.

With DollarDays new Emergency Prepardedness line, we can help you manage all the supplies you’ll need to help your communities through any kind of natural disaster or emergency situation. We’ve got quality products for cleanup recovery like trash bags and sturdy buckets, first-aid kits and supplies like bandages and antiseptic creams, a wide selection of non-perishable food items, and more.

Buying these supplies wholesale can help your organization save money so you help save more people.

Ask for Donations

Natural disasters and other unexpected emergencies are devastating. The good news is they often bring out the best in our neighbors and communities. People want to help. As the frequency with which these events occur, almost everyone knows someone touched by a catastrophic event. Chances are, they still remember how difficult that time was and want to help ensure no one has to live through what they did by providing disaster relief assistance.

However, many people don’t really know where to start. Asking for donations is a great way for your organization to increase its supplies, and for individuals to feel good about contributing. Even those outside communities hit hard often sit back and wish there was more they could do. Donating is a powerful action anyone can take.

DollarDays is committed to making it easy and affordable to make a huge impact with critically needed items for any disaster. Non-profits, schools, or even families can make charitable donations for the items your organization needs most. Don’t be shy about asking for donations!

Encourage people to volunteer with your organization

Another step your disaster relief organization can take to help prepare, is to actively encourage volunteers to help both during an emergency and during calmer periods. Before a crisis hits is the perfect time for organizations to recruit disaster relief volunteers.

No community is immune from potential disasters. As wild weather continues to become more the norm, disaster relief volunteers are more important than ever. Volunteers can make a huge difference in your community by extending their time and expertise.

Reach out to local religious institutions, corporations, and local officials to spread the word about volunteering with your organization. Invite former volunteers to share their experiences and how rewarding this work can be through social media and other channels of communication.

Preparing for a natural disaster is critical for most communities. We’ve come to rely on help of disaster relief organizations to heed the call when emergencies happen, but you don’t have to do it alone. DollarDays is proud to stock everything from fresh blankets to hygiene kits to survival gear so you can focus on helping people recover.

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