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Make Up For Lost Donations with Wishlist

With the impact of the Coronavirus continuing to impact nonprofits, DollarDays is here to help make up for lost donations with our Wishlist Program. Though other wishlist programs exist, in those programs you may only get a single item donation from those other programs. The other benefit of the DollarDays Wishlist program is the huge assortment of wholesale products that we have available. We cover so many product categories that nonprofits are looking for and you can have them all donated with our Wishlist program. Here some ideas to help you save money and make up for lost donations.

Office Supplies

With fewer donations, operating budgets are limited but we can help offset that by requesting donations for day-to-day supplies for the office. Some of our most popular wholesale office supplies include 3-ring binders, file folders, dry erase pens, and sticky notes. We also legal pads, notebooks, and specialty paper for those more creative projects.

Stock The Kitchen

Another way to offset limited cash donations is to stock up your kitchen and breakroom with cups, snacks, and other kitchen supplies. This year we have expanded our selection of pre-packaged food items. Don’t forget you also need bulk cleaning supplies to keep the kitchen clean and germ-free. Check out our selection of disinfecting wipes.

Homeless Outreach Products

If you are an organization that does outreach to homeless communities, you can quickly get the supplies you need with a DollarDays Wishlist. Though Spring is not far off, a warm fleece blanket is always a much-needed item. When doing homeless outreach, PPE supplies are also very important. Finally, we have a large assortment of hygiene kits for men, women, and children.

Backpacks and School Supplies

At DollarDays we love helping source school supplies and backpacks. Though we have a huge assortment of both, our sales team can help you find the right products for your project. We have pre-filled backpacks, school supply kits, and tons of other much-needed items for both students and teachers.

Event Supplies

Though events are still limited in size, we can help you get everything you need to host your next event. We have items like disposable table cloths, plates, and silverware. We also have items for serving large groups of people like serving pans. If you need decorations, we have holiday and party supplies for every occasion. They can all be added to your Wishlist and those donations are shipped directly to your organization.

Helping nonprofits recover from the long-reaching impact of the Coronavirus is very important to us as an organization. If you need help setting your Wishlist, just give us a call. We encourage you to include information about your organization or event along with a logo that can be uploaded to your account. Then, it is as easy as sharing your Wishlist URL with your donors and supporters.

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