Season of Sharing

Welcome to our Season of Sharing!

This year we continue our Season of Sharing campaign with a curated collection of products that are needed by so many people this time of year. Our campaign breaks down into basic categories making it easy to find the items you need to purchase for your organization or for donating to your local nonprofit.

Share the Warmth
As the weather turns colder, it is important to remember all those in need. This category features all our winter clothing, winter gloves, accessory sets and outerwear. We also feature our Wolf Blankets perfect for so many uses.

Share the Joy
There will be so many kids in need this year. We have an entire category dedicated to our collection of wholesale toys that are perfect for donations, toy drives and giving trees. Pick from some of our most popular toy categories like stuffed animals, cars & trucks, and activity books. We aslo break down our toys by age to like toddler and teens.

Share the Health
Our health category is full of items to help keep our communities safe and healthy. Normally we feature items like dental kits and hygiene kits, but this year we have expanded it to include masks and PPE items as well. With cases rising around the country again, keeping stocked up on hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes will be crucial during the busy holiday season.

Share the Wellness
With so many families having to take advantage of local food banks, we worked hard to expand our selection of ready to eat food items. Our selection of bulk food items includes prepackaged goods, snacks and items perfect for homeless outreach. You can fill your pantry or donate to your local food bank.

Share the Fun
Our finally category is all about the things you need to bring the fun to all the holidays! We have bulk party supplies, Christmas and Chanukah decorations by the case and tablewear. With many stores having issues keeping items in stock, make sure you purchase these items early!

At DollarDays, an important part of our mission is helping people live with dignity despite their situation. Regardless if you are working on a toy drive, homeless outreach campaign or food collection, we want to be your source for all these items. What sets us apart from other sites is our great customer service. So, if you are looking to place a large order, please give us a call and let us help make the process even easier!

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