Disaster Preparedness In the Age of COVID-19

Even before COVID-19, this time of year was concerning for many due to the number of natural disasters that happen around this time. Whether it be hurricane season in the gulf or wild fires in the west, preparing and recovering from disasters requires help in many forms. Earlier this month the east coast was hit by Hurricane Isaias and California started experiencing wild fires again. It became a brutal reminder that you can’t approach disasters the same way we did before the Coronavirus.

To be able to help people recover from these catastrophic events requires an extra level of preparedness and hygiene. While we have always been here to provide Disaster Recovery products, we now can also provide an entire line of Personal Protective Equipment.

Unfortunately, many hoped that Covid-19 would be a short lived pandemic. But, most indicators show that we will be dealing with this for some time to come. As we move into another dangerous season of natural disasters, please keep in mind the importance of keeping yourself protected while you work hard to help those recover.

Below is a list of some of the most needed items during this time of year. Between preparing and recovering, now is the time to stock up on these important items that continue to be hard to find at your standard big box stores.

Beneficial Items Include:

How you can help:

Contact your local nonprofit: Find out what initiatives local nonprofits are taking to help those affected, and donate the products they need most.

Contact your church: Often times, churches will work with other branches or sister churches during these times to collect and ship them the products they need.

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