Masks & PPE: Where to Start?

By Michael Campbell

As cases of COVID-19 continue to surge across the country, social distancing and wearing face masks in public will be the norm for a while longer. This new reality leaves people with a lot of questions regarding where to find these new essentials in the quantities they need.

As the crisis began, the market was flooded with different products at all kinds of prices and it hasn’t let up since. This makes it hard to sift through the noise and find what you actually need at the right price. Therefore, we wanted to take a moment to talk about what we offer and why it may fit your needs.


One of the obvious areas in need of masks and PPE is retail. People are looking online and in-person for supplies so it makes sense to have your store stocked up. We make sure to have a range of case quantities with no minimum order value so stores can test what will be best for their customers without breaking the bank. Additionally, if you run a brick-and-mortar store, it’s important to keep a good supply of masks and PPE to keep your employees safe and protected.


Schools are another area that will definitely be in need of PPE this school year. From sanitizer stations and cleaning supplies for buses to personal masks and face shields, a lot of preparation will be needed for schools that decide to have any level of in-person classes. Be sure to check out our selection of adult and kid masks or PPE kits.

You can read more about our tips for school preparation here.

Personal Use

Buying wholesale is not exclusive to businesses or schools. Many individuals have found the benefit of buying in bulk, especially with the usual shopping trips becoming more spread out. We recommend some larger sanitizer bottles for home and to refill any travel bottles you may have. You can also stock up on standard 3-ply face masks or grab a case of cloth masks that you can wash and reuse.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to keep yourself and those around you safe no matter what your day-to-day routine looks like. We’re here to help with whatever your needs are so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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