Top 4 Products for Your Small Business in Q1

While holiday shopping may be in full swing, it’s time to think forward to Q1 and what your customers will need. From health and wellness to Valentine’s Day, we have got your retail business covered. Here are the top 4 products for your small business in Q1:

1. Holiday Items

It’s very important to have the right products for the major holidays in Q1 like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.

Source fun impulse and gift items for the first few holidays of the year here.

2. Health and Wellness Products

Blender bottles, vitamins, pill storage and eye masks are perfect for your customers to start 2020 on a relaxed and healthy note.

Shop Health and Wellness here.

3. Winter Weather Essentials

As the temperatures continue to drop, keep items to help battle the conditions outside your store. Glove displays, scarves and blankets are ideal for keeping your shoppers warm and happy.

Shop Winter Wear here.

4. Pet Supplies – Don’t Forget Fido!

Our furry friends deserve the best. Stock toys, leashes, portable water bowls and treats to keep your pet section full for man and woman’s best friend.

Shop Pet Supplies here.

Explore here or call 877.837.9569 to begin stocking your shelves!

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