Sleeping Bags Provide Comfort and Warmth to Homeless in New York City

By Shari Rudolph, Good360

• World Roma Federation
• New York, NY
• Lives Impacted: 10

World Roma Federation (WRF) is a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid to minority and ethnic people from at-risk or poverty backgrounds. We recently received a donation of sleeping bags from Good360 and DollarDays that we used to distribute to the homeless living on the streets.

As the weather grows colder, the sleeping bags provided warm, comfortable, temporary solutions for the homeless in the community. The recipients were very appreciative, welcomed the tidings and respected the act of human kindness provided by our organization, Good360 and DollarDays. It is because of the generosity of our partners that we are able to help those who feel as if they are forgotten.

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We at DollarDays would like to add that, in certain weather conditions, a sleeping bag may not be enough to keep a person warm. When someone is able to get close to a fire or other heat source but is not able to sleep near it all night, it would be helpful for them to use that heat source to heat up a water bottle and then keep it with them in their sleeping bag for extra heat.

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