Top Toys to Donate This Holiday Season

As the holidays get closer, many are inspired to give back to those in need. Whether through volunteering or a donation, everyone can make a difference this holiday season. There’s no better way to brighten the holidays than providing the gift of play through a toy donation to a less fortunate child.

DollarDays works with nonprofits throughout the U.S. to provide most-needed toys to these charitable organizations. We’ve gathered a list of the top age-appropriate toys nonprofits need.

1. 0-12 Months

Toys for newborns and infants are some of the least donated items during the winter. Help stimulate early development and fine motor skills by donating rattles, teethers, musical toys and more.

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2. 12-24 Months

Inspire exploration and learning with building blocks, musical instruments, pull toys, puzzles and more.

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3. 2-4 Years

Give toddlers a sense of adventure with playsets, robots, cars and stuffed animals!

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4. 5-8 Years

Build children’s imaginations with puzzles, stuffed animals, board games, and playing cards that are perfect for early development.

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5. 9-11 Years

Keep kids active with outdoor toys, remote-control vehicles, action figures and dolls, S.T.E.M. toys and more.

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6. 12+ Years

Did you know pre-teens are the least-donated to age group during the holidays? Oftentimes this leads to nonprofits having to use cash donations to provide for these children. Explore personality-building toys, including electronics, fashion sets, board games, accessories and more.

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DollarDays works closely with many charitable organizations to provide every necessity they need to help them do the most good for those who need it most. If you are planning on donating toys this year, please contact your nonprofit of choice.

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