6 Strategies for Streamlining Your Workforce

Many business owners feel as though the workforce isn’t operating as efficiently as it should, yet are at a loss for how to improve productivity. Short of firing your staff and starting anew, what strategies are actually effective at boosting work performance and streamlining the workforce? Here are some simple and cost-effective ways to get more out of every workday, while improving overall performance as well.

1. Implement BYOD policies

“Bring Your Own Device,” or (BYOD), is a rapidly growing policy being implemented by businesses everywhere. BYOD policies are where businesses require employees to utilize their personal devices, such as cellphones or laptops, for business use. Not only will this save your business a tremendous amount of money, but it can encourage productivity, as well. BYOD devices typically link to cloud-based work platforms, so [the policy] offers employees the ability to work from any location and [from] all of their devices.

2. Automate, automate, automate

To truly boost workplace efficiency, take a [cue] from the robots. There is now automation technology that can streamline virtually all aspects of your digital workload. From organizing data to improving analytics, robots can conquer the menial tasks that your employees loathe.

3. Do it right the first time

One of the more common ways that businesses waste time is by making mistakes or having unknowledgeable employees. Training employees can go a long way in streamlining the workforce. When your employees are experts at their trade, they’ll complete tasks more efficiently while doing a better job the first time around.

4. Leverage technology to its fullest capacity

Today, there are literally hundreds of different technologies and apps that can help to encourage productivity, improve time management and streamline a workforce. From customer-relationship-management software to improve your customer management to sales-management software to help manage inventory and sales, investing in the right software applications can significantly improve your work efficiency.


5. Schedule breaks regularly

There has been ample research conducted into the need for breaks in the workplace, with most suggesting that businesses are shorting their employees considerably. Most employees get two 10-minute breaks and a half-hour lunch each day; however, by implementing the Pomodoro Technique, your employees can enjoy more frequent breaks while increasing their total productivity for the day, as the technique is based around the natural attention span of humans.

6. Partner with reliable suppliers

The suppliers you depend on play a crucial role in helping to streamline your workforce. With unreliable suppliers, you’ll have difficulty remaining on top of inventory. When one aspect of a business process is disrupted, it negatively impacts many other areas of business. You need professional and reliable suppliers to ensure your business thrives and business processes operate as efficiently as possible.

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