Leverage the Pokémon Go! Trend to Catch More Customers

Pokémon Go! is the latest trend, and it has been sweeping the nation with haste. It’s estimated to have 9.5 million active users each day, and players range in ages from young children to senior citizens. It’s safe to say, this Pokémon Go! craze is popular among all age groups and will likely remain trendy for quite some time. The question is, how can you as a retailer cash in on this trend and catch more customers?

Create a Pokémon Go! Account

With the rise of interest in Pokémon Go!, more people are out and about, wandering the streets than ever before. For urban businesses, this offers a lot of potential for bringing new clients to your store. To start, you’ll have to create a Pokémon Go! account. Pokémon Go! has a free mobile app that can be downloaded directly to your smartphone.

Check Your Area for Pokéstops & Gyms

In the game, Pokémon has already established a variety of outdoor locations that are known as pokéstops and gyms. Pokéstops are places where users go to catch Pokémon and collect pokéballs. Gyms are places where users gather to battle other Pokémon. Check your app to gain a sense of all the nearest pokéstops and gyms in your area, so you can know where foot traffic will be heaviest throughout the day. You can use these high-traffic areas as marketing locations by posting signs, flyers or other marketing materials that will draw people to your business.

Set Lures in Your Store

One creative way to draw in more customers is by setting lures in your store. Haven’t heard of a lure? Then you must not be playing Pokémon. A lure is a feature in the game that allows users to plant lures at specific locations that will draw other players to that site; hence, by placing lures in your store, you’ll literally be drawing people directly into your business. Once they’re there, you can increase brand awareness and boost the likelihood of a sale.

Sell Pokémon-related Merchandise

Just as the Pokémon trend was starting to go out of style, the makers have found a way to resurrect their following. You can maximize on these trends by extending your product line to include some Pokémon-related paraphernalia. Stocking Pokémon cards near checkout, offering Pokémon stuffed animals and keychains, selling Pokémon shirts—the opportunities are endless. Use this as an opportunity to add a bit more variety to your shelves while creating a favorable impression on all the diehard Pokémon Go! fans.

Offer Pokémon-related Deals

One fun way to engage the public is to offer deals related to the Pokémon achievements of your customers. For instance, have a day where you offer all customers 10% off their purchase for catching a rare Pokémon.

While Pokémon was starting to fade away and become a relic of the past, the brand has found a way to make itself relevant again. With their brilliant marketing tactics, it’s likely Pokémon will continue to trend for decades to come. Take a tip from the Pokémon marketers and keep your business relevant as well. […] With the right approach, you’re bound to catch ‘em all—customers, that is.

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