5 Red Flags Signaling the Need for a New Wholesale Supplier

Every business owner knows the importance of a quality supplier. The supplier forms the very foundation of the business, providing you with a vast selection of quality merchandise, partially determining your profit margin and ensuring your shelves are always stocked. With the wrong supplier, your business will suffer, and keeping your doors open will feel like a perpetual challenge. Here are some signs that your wholesale supplier isn’t a good fit.

  1. Your profit margin is struggling. Settling on an appropriate profit margin is always a challenge for business. You need to keep prices high enough that your own profits are healthy, but prices need to remain low enough to compete with other businesses in the area. If you’re struggling to find a balance that’s conducive to business success, the problem could be your supplier. If your wholesale supplier is charging too much for merchandise, it will be impossible to maintain healthy profits while ensuring your prices are reasonable for customers. You need a wholesaler who puts your profits first by offering the lowest prices possible on high-quality merchandise.
  2. Your customers are complaining. Have you noticed an increase in customer complaints? If customers are routinely expressing concern over the quality of your merchandise, then you may need to find a new wholesale supplier. A great supplier is one that provides excellent merchandise at fair prices, and if customers are regularly irritated at the lack of quality, then this is a major red flag.
  3. Your shipments are late. To operate a business successfully, you need to streamline your inventory management so supplies are always ordered on time and always arrive when needed. If your shipments arrive late, it throws off countless aspects of business, making it difficult for employees to do their job and leaving a bad impression on customers. A shipment may be late every once in a while if items are out of stock or if weather is bad; however, if your shipments are perpetually arriving late, it may be time to find a new supplier who takes their deadlines seriously.
  4. They’re calling all the shots. As a business, you are the supplier’s customer, and it’s their job to take you seriously. You need a supplier who’s willing to work with you and can continually meet the commitments they’ve signed up for. If they’re routinely out of stock of the items you need, if their pricing is constantly fluctuating, or if their shipments are inconsistent, this is a huge red flag that the supplier isn’t the right fit for your store.
  5. They offer poor customer service.You need a supplier you can communicate with and that’s available to hear your concerns. You need someone who will perpetually be in contact and update you about the status of your orders. If communicating with your wholesaler feels like pulling teeth, then you’ll end up doing more work than necessary to ensure your shipments arrive as expected. It’s time to find a supplier who offers the customer service you need.

The supplier you choose for your store can greatly improve your ability to operate your business effectively. With the right supplier, you’ll be able to meet your own deadlines more efficiently and remain on top of inventory management. […]

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