Industry VIPs Team up to Provide Powerful Business Information for Women Entrepreneurs

Kim Flynn, business-training expert and motivational speaker for women entrepreneurs, and DollarDays’ CEO, Marc Joseph, team up in this webinar to deliver powerful business information for today’s women entrepreneurs!

Kim Flynn offers three key points to accelerate your business:

  • The top three mistakes women make in business
  • Building your business blueprint
  • Determining your current stress number 

Marc Joseph delivers the answers to:

  • Does it make sense to open an online business in today’s world 
  • What to sell online
  • Marketing your website
  • Mistakes to avoid

Sit back and enjoy the webinar, and learn from two of the most respected people in their businesses! This webinar was recorded live on April 1, 2015, at DollarDays’ headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz., where we were honored to have Kim Flynn fly in from Utah.

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