Create Your Own Kitting Party Today!

With students and teachers around the nation hitting the books once again, there are several volunteer and donation opportunities calling your name! Keeping your community in mind, here is the best way to create your own Kitting Party this summer before it comes to an end:

1) Backpacks
First, we start with a backpack which will be our holder for all of our essential school supplies for the upcoming year. Backpacks are one of the ways students can truly express themselves at school. DollarDays has all kinds of colors, designs, and sizes for students to keep up with the latest trends and styles of backpacks. Students are given the opportunity to express themselves however they would like through their backpack and are a great holder for back-to-school essentials at the kitting party!.

2) Pencils
Pencils are critical when it comes to notetaking, homework assignments, in-class activities, exams, and so much more. Whether it’s old school or mechanical, students are constantly relying on penicils to execute their work. Without a pencil, students’ hearts drop when a test is being handed out and they must go on a wild goose chase for a pencil at the last minute. Purchasing pencils by the case will prevent students from ever having to experience this and will always have a back-up just in case! Pencils are the #1 essential to add to the backpack at the kitting party.

3) Notebooks
Notetaking is a must while listening to a teacher or professor speak, studying, using scratch paper, or even just writing down some ideas. Whether it’s a 1 subject, 3 subject, or 5 subject, DollarDays offers all different kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors of notebooks in bulk for all students back-to-school necessities! These notebooks will definitely come in hand at the kitting party!

4) Erasers
Erasers provide students with an opportunity to erase and try again, which in most students’ and teachers’ minds, is the true spirt of learning. Purchasing erasers in bulk encourages students to always do their best. DollarDays provides this opportunity to students around the world, whether it is a classic big, pink eraser or an eraser for a dry-erase board, students can truly push themselves to strive this upcoming school year. Make these a necessity to have at your kitting party this summer!

5) Paper
Paper is essential for students and will come in handy daily. With options for wide ruled or college ruled lined paper, white printer paper, as well as construction paper, students and teachers have endless options when creating projects or completing assignments by purchasing paper in bulk.

6) Pens
With hundreds of colors and sizes, students and teachers can take express themselves in any way, shape, or form they would like. With wholesale pens in any color you can think of, note sheets and drawings can be personalized to anyone’s liking. Everybody needs a pen no matter what age (especially at your kitting party), and DollarDays provides endless options to users around the world.

7) Folders
Organization is the key to success when progressing through one’s education journey. Purchasing folders by the case will keep all students’ and teachers’ papers thoroughly organized during the next school year. With a variety of assorted colors at your kitting party this summer, students and teachers will have plenty of options to choose from when picking out next year’s school supplies.

8) Highlighters
Highlighters are the perfect tool for emphasis of words, titles, or even just color coding. With wholesale high quality bulk highlighters, markers, sharpies, and Expo markers options at your kitting party, students and teachers will be able to decorate their homework and assignments with fluorescent assorted colors of their choice.

9) Clorox Wipes
Today, the cleanliness, health, and safety of the community is everyone’s top priority. Since the pandemic, if we want to keep students back in schools, sanitizing is critical. DollarDays offers at-home as well as to-go bulk packs of Clorox wipes to supply your kitting party this summer. As health and safety are extremely important to us, we know students and teachers will appreciate this necessity in order to keep students in schools.

10) Calculators
Calculators make everybody’s lives simpler. Get the latest and greatest bulk calculators for your kitting party to prepare students for this upcoming school year. All our calculators have their own variety of specific features and come in all types, colors, shapes, and sizes. For a great price, students will excel in all their mathematics courses!

The end of summer means it’s time for students to start getting excited for the upcoming school year. By hosting a kitting party this summer, you will play a large part in helping students as well as teachers around your community by providing essential tools to children so they can thrive! At low prices, families can provide trending school supplies by the case for their children at wholesale prices in order to help students succeed in their education journey! Host your own kitting party today with all these essentials DollarDays will provide you!

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