Gear Up for Back to School!

Back to school has a whole new meaning post-pandemic. Teachers, parents, and even students are happy to return back to the classroom. After too many months learning virtually, or juggling a hybrid schedule, getting back to school is more exciting than ever.

In addition to a good attitude, students need adequate supplies. Help kids make the most of this year by setting them up with all the supplies they’ll need to succeed.

The Importance of School Supplies
Having the right supplies can make all the difference in student outcomes. Heather Clawson, Ph.D., chief program and innovation officer at Communities in Schools told Teach for America how important school supplies are for all students, especially as they move through the education system. She notes, “Our students have a sense of pride and they don’t want to admit they couldn’t afford school supplies and that they don’t have what they need. That results in students not doing assignments, not being prepared, and not being able to participate.”

School supplies help students feel prepared to learn and can be a big confidence boost. When teachers and student have the tools they need, it builds a strong sense of community. No student feels left out or less than any other student.

Unfortunately, In schools across the country, there is a huge discrepancy between students who are prepared with new supplies and those who aren’t. According to the Huntington Backpack Index, parents pay close to $700 or more for school supplies. For families who can’t afford this, the burden falls to school districts, and often more frequently, teachers who are already underpaid.

Many educator recognize the importance of school supplies and want to help each of their students as much as possible even if that means dipping into their own pockets.

Help Bridge the Gap Between What Students Have and What Students Need
With school budgets growing more strained by the year, community support in the form of financial aid or in supplying students is essential. There are several ways you can help.

Organize a Donation Drive
Team up with a local nonprofit or charity and organize a donation drive. It’s not as complicated as you think! You’ll need to advertise when and where you’ll be collecting donations, volunteers to organize and package supplies, and a team to distribute supplies. Working locally can save you the hassle of shipping costs and will give you the opportunity to see the difference you’re making in the lives of real students.

Even if you can’t find a nonprofit or local company to help with your drive, you can easily set up a neighborhood donation drive and work with a smaller group. Any donation will help. Buying wholesale school supplies will create an even bigger impact.

Organize a Fundraiser
In addition to, or instead of, organizing donation drives, you can create a school supply fundraiser. Collect funds from families, nonprofits, or local businesses and make a plan to purchase supplies in conjunction with students’ and schools’ needs.

Some people may want to contribute but don’t have the time to purchase supplies. A fundraisers allows them to give back in a way that is convenient and effective. Stretch your fundraising dollars by buying school supplies in bulk.

Make an Individual Donation to a Local School
If you don’t have the time to create a fundraiser or other large scale donation drive, don’t underestimate the power of individual donations. One person can make a difference. Even if you just provide supplies for one student, you are making a difference. Ask your local school if there are one or two students you can “adopt” and buy for or simply make an anonymous donation. If you know any teachers, work with them on a smaller scale to ensure each of their students are prepared.

What Students Need
Want to help but unsure what to buy? Most schools have a back to school supplies list
Posted on their websites for families to view. If you can’t find the official school or classroom gift, here are some ideas for the most used supplies for most students.

Essential Classroom Supplies
While digital calculators, sticky notes, and fancy pens are great, start with the absolute essentials.
Notebooks, pencils and erasers, and markers are always needed in classrooms, regardless of grade. Younger students might also need glue sticks, scissors, and crayons.

Older students might need additional supplies like dry erase markers, protractors, and three-ring binders.

Don’t forget classroom supplies either —like hand sanitizer and tissues. Your teacher will be thankful for the thought to help keep your kids safe and healthy.

Essential Supplies to Go From Home to School
Kids love shopping for back to school backpacks. We’ve got tons of colors, sizes, and designs to help every student feel like they have the latest look and quality bags. There are tons to choose from regardless of grade level or gender.

You can find high-quality, back to school shoes, sweatshirts and even school uniforms. Because kids love to run around and get tough with their clothes, be sure to purchase back to school clothes that are made to last.

Back to school is an exciting time in many kids’ lives. But if families are struggling financially, back to school can be a time of stress and disappointment. Without the right supplies, students can be left unprepared and lacking the confidence they need to succeed in school. DollarDays is proud to offer high quality supplies at wholesale prices so you can help all kids achieve their goals.


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