Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

If you feel like time gets increasingly faster as the year progresses, you are not alone. December passes faster than a blustery gust of wind in a snowstorm. Even the most organized among us likely have just a bit more holiday shopping to do.

A 2020 consumer survey of over 40,000 respondents revealed that 79% of shoppers planned to do most of their shopping within the last two weeks of December. Roughly half of those respondents will shop in-store, while a little more than half will shop online (even if it means their gift will not arrive on time).

Therefore, last-minute gift ideas are welcomed by most holiday shoppers and we’re here to help! Our holiday gift guide 2021 will help you check off everyone on your list.

And if you are one of those admirable few who are done holiday shopping before you sit down to carve the Thanksgiving turkey, you might find some fantastic steals on novel gift ideas you can’t pass up.

For the Christmas Lover
There are always at least a few folks on your list who are crazy about the holidays. (You’ll recognize them by the holiday sweaters and hear their cheerful carols whistled all season long.) For any eager Santa’s helpers, we have tons of holiday decorations at wholesale prices.

Any Christmas lover would love to receive wreaths, gift boxes, or wrapping paper to spread their holiday cheer. You can also never go wrong with a plush Santa hat.

These Christmas bells in candy canes are perfect for the person who just wants to ho-ho-ho loud and proud. Or surprise them with a 3-foot tree —small enough to fit in most rooms but big enough to brighten it.

For the Friendly Acquaintance
For the friendly acquaintance on your list, we’ve got some ideas! These folks you might know well enough to buy a small gift for, but not well enough to know the perfect gift to buy. These gifts tend to be thoughtful, but not overly personal.

Gift baskets that follow a well-planned theme are always a hit. We love gifting all the pampering bath and body supplies to create a home spa experience. From bath bombs to face masks to lip balms, fill a basket with fragrant and luxurious skin care products.

Try a basket of cute warm weather accessories like fuzzy socks, scarves, and hats. Buy them in convenient matching gift sets.

If you plan to purchase a gift card or give cash, these classic money holders are a great way to make your practical gift more interesting. Keep a few aside to pass out to mail carriers and other service workers who you’d like to tip as a show of gratitude.

For the Kids
If you’re still searching for the kids, look no further. The hottest toys of 2021 will make their holiday no matter their age or interests. Fidget spinners, Nerf guns, stuffed animals, and even the classic yo-yo, top our list of proven winners.

Choose from educational to whimsical board games and card games that will keep the fun coming all year round.

And don’t forget the hours of fun kids will get from coloring books, activity books, and puzzle books (and puzzles!). Throw in a few adult coloring books too. They help relieve stress and anxiety…which can sometimes appear during the holidays!

For the Cook
Got a friend on your list who loves spending time in the kitchen? Why not gift them an assortment of cooking and kitchen supplies?! Kitchen tools and gadgets are sometimes items we wouldn’t necessarily buy for ourselves but make for great gifts. (We’re looking at you egg slicer, spiral slicer, and apple corer.)

For the Crafter
Something about the holidays seemed to bring out the crafter in all of us. If you’ve got a friend who fancies themselves as a craft queen or king, give them a gift you know they’ll love: craft supplies.

Wholesale craft supplies will never go to waste in the right set of hands. From yarns to paints to pom poms, you’ll be able to surprise a beloved crafter with everything they’ll need all year long.

For the Hostess with the Mostess
The best last-minute Christmas gifts are those that don’t feel like they were bought at the last minute. Before you go panicking that the cookies you planned to bring to the neighborhood party turned out terrible, stock up on a few gifts that are great for party hostesses and will seem well planned in advance.

You cannot go wrong with this ugly sweater drink sleeve assortment. You would have to be the ultimate Scrooge if you didn’t appreciate how fun and silly these drink sleeves are. Or for the less whimsical affair, try a cute and festive wine bottle holder.

For the Colleagues
Office work parties may have a reputation as a party you have to —rather than want to —attend. Instead of trying to think what your colleagues might want in a holiday gift, gift them something you know they’ll need…office supplies!

While maybe not the most exciting gift, if you’ve ever fought with a stapler that just won’t work right, a shiny new one might be exactly what gets you coming back to the office party next year.

For the Community
Don’t forget that this is the season giving. Make a plan to donate some gifts to those in need in your community. Reach out to a homeless shelter and give personal hygiene kits or winter clothes. Call your local church or orphanage and see if they need baby supplies. Or organize a food and toy drive.

It is your kindness that will be remembered and leave you feeling filled with holiday spirit.



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