Toy Donations for All Ages

Toy Donations for All Ages

There is a definite jingle in the air. Each year, it seems to grow louder and louder, earlier and earlier. Just after Halloween, that faint jingle will become regular merry bells to carry us through to January. The holiday season is one of the busiest times of year for many families. While it can certainly be joyful, this season can also be difficult for those struggling with housing or food insecurity.

Make a plan (and a budget) now to think about how you can make the most of this holiday season. Shop at discount wholesalers to get more bang for your buck so you can help all the families in your community have a happy holiday season. Check the DollarDays holiday circular for toys, clothing, and other essentials to make a generous Christmas toy donation to those in need.

Not sure what to donate? Here are some of the best toys for all ages.

Baby Toys
Babies who are not yet on the move need toys to look at, hold and shake, put in their mouths, and make noise. Toys that engage any of the senses are great for encouraging physical and mental development. We love baby toys that combine several of these benefits like this musical soft cube that babies can crinkle, squish and squeeze for a happy melody. Toys you can take on the go like teethers, plush toys, and board books are excellent gift ideas for babies.

Toddler Toys
As babies grow into more active and coordinated toddlers, think about toys that get them moving and access both small and large muscle groups like tunnels or balls. Toddlers also benefit from toys and activities that develop their creativity. Simple arts and crafts like drawing and painting are excellent toys for this age as well as play doh and sand art.

Puzzles, coloring books, and simple STEM toys are also all great ideas for toddler gifts.

Kids Aged 4-8
Older kids who are starting school will love toys and games that reinforce what they are beginning to learn while away from home. From magnetic letters and numbers to play money sets, and clocks, kids will have so much fun, they won’t remember how much they’re learning.

Between ages 4-8, kids also love (and benefit from) pretend play and dress up games. Tea sets, cookware, tools, make up, and costumes can help kids pretend and make up all kinds of games. These skills are vital to your developing child.

Construction toys are also perfect for helping kids practice their fine motor skills while also improving their problem solving and spatial relations skills. Or choose a classic game like Bingo that can be adapted for different ages. As they get older, you can challenge them by playing Bingo related to all kinds of subjects. For example, don’t simply call out Bingo numbers. Instead, state an equation. Players have to find the answer, then mark the correct answer on their Bingo board.

Kids Aged 8-12
Older kids who are starting to explore their independence will love toys and games that challenge them and get them playing with friends. Classic card games like Uno and Skipbo are perfect for a night in with pals. Or try other games like Checkers and Snakes and Ladders but there are tons of new games that will keep kids interested and having fun for hours.

Art supplies are also a good gift idea for older kids and tweens. They can create their own drawings or color intricate patterns while relaxing. Additionally, word game books and crossword books are fun ways to challenge kids.

Building blocks and sports equipment are other easy and age-appropriate gift ideas for kids in middle grades. Keeping these kids active and engaged can be difficult but toys that get them outside playing will can help improve their speed, agility, and coordination, (not to mention their mood). Got a moody tween, keep them happy with some old-fashioned outdoor play.

Toys for Those in Need
It’s never easy to be a kid in a homeless center or outreach center. It can be especially tough when it’s the holiday season. While it’s supposed to be a time of joy and fulfillment, for these families, it doesn’t quite feel that way. Consider making a donation to specifically help kids in shelters have a good holiday season.

In addition to the basic essentials like warm clothes and socks, children need to have a little fun too. By choosing toys educational and learning toys, kids can maintain good progress toward academic skills but also not feel the stress of falling behind at school on top of housing and food insecurity.

Another good option is to donate boards games to shelters and outreach centers. These types of games encourage family play time. They can also help kids in shelters build relationships with others. Multiplayer games are perfect for keeping kids in shelters social and engaged.

If you’re hoping to make a kid-friendly donation this holiday season, consider donating to an orphanage. Kids will appreciate any attempt to bring normalcy, empathy, and understanding into their lives. Purchasing brand names like Disney and Barbie will help them feel just like every other kid.

There are hundreds of opportunities to donate to kids and families. With help from an online wholesale store like DollarDays, you can find exactly the toys and games to match certain ages and your budget. Our holiday circular has everything they need as well the gifts they’ll want. Our quality toys are built to last – and to bring the fun!

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