Season of Giving: How You Can Give Back Today

Throughout history, there have been times when it feels like there is more heartache and hard times than at any other point. Every generation has had its share of disasters —both humanitarian and natural.

Right now, it feels like we are battling so many significant and serious problems in our world. Hurricanes like the most recent Ida, tragic wildfires out west, the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, crisis at our nation’s borders, and homelessness are all current pressing issues. For many of us, there is the feeling that there’s not much we can do. However, we’re not entirely helpless.

Why Give?
Giving to disaster relief no matter the amount or in what capacity, can not only help in relief efforts, but can also make us feel good. Giving back to the community is beneficial for your emotional and physical well being. Lauren Schumacker for Insider writes, “a 2017 report from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute noted that people are happier overall when they give to others and that the more they do or give, the happier they tend to be.” Giving back to your community helps those in need as well as yourself.

It’s not just individuals who benefit from giving. Corporations also benefit greatly from providing disaster relief. According to The Harvard Business Review, “corporate social responsibility programs, driven by internal company values and the need to enhance reputation and image, have been associated with increased employee satisfaction, recruitment, and retention.” During this season of giving, why not start a campaign for your company or organization to give back? With DollarDays as your partner, it’s never been easier to lend a helping hand.

How to Give
Plan a Fundraiser
Planning a fundraiser is not as difficult as it may sound. You can partner with your local schools, church, or other community service organization to coordinate donations. Working with another group can help you reach more people to make the biggest impact possible. Individuals and corporations can organize successful fundraisers with a bit of marketing and passion for a cause.

Donate Directly to Relief Organizations
There are hundreds of emergency relief and preparedness organizations whose mission is to be ready during times of crisis. To do this, they rely on donations and help, not just during a disaster, but also before the tragedy. During these calmer times, they can develop a sensible response plan and review procedures to ensure they will be ready to provide the most help to the most people.

These organizations are always accepting donations and are grateful for any contribution. Buying essential items wholesale is the perfect way to make a big impact. You can stretch donation dollars easily with DollarDays quality products at great prices.

With a Wishlist, you can create a list of the most needed items or browse organizations’ wishlists to see what is most needed.

What to Give
Natural Disaster Relief
As the climate crisis continues to wreak havoc on the earth, the frequency of natural disasters is only getting worse. No one is immune from potential problems no matter where you live. Coastal communities are at risk for floods and hurricanes. Those in landlocked areas have the potential for tornadoes and storms. Wildfires and earthquakes plague those in the west.

It’s more important than ever for people to band together and help one another when possible. While monetary donations are always welcomed, there are many other ways you can help during disaster recovery.

Those effected by natural disasters have had home destroyed or have had to flee. The need for Hurricane Ida relief is currently most pressing but organizations always need many basic supplies like hygiene supplies, emergency blankets, and even ready-to-eat food and snacks. In the case of a natural disaster, there is also significant need in the short term for items like first aid kits, batteries for flash lights and small radios, and emergency tents for shelter.

Afghan Relief Effort
With the recent withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan and the takeover of the Taliban, many Afghans are trying to flee. Refugee centers for Afghans are growing in most places around the world. There is a huge and increasing need for supplies.

As shelters in the US get set up, they’ll need blankets, clothing, and food as well as baby supplies and hygiene products.

You can also work with crisis centers like the International Rescue Committee to help refugees find proper housing. Or try the Lutheran Immigration and Rescue Service which is providing Afghan refugee relief in the form of airport transportation, meals, and housing.

Winter Homeless Outreach
As summer turns to fall, our homeless population grows more vulnerable. In many parts of the country, winter means colder temperatures so winter apparel like coats, hats, and gloves are particularly wanted.

Homeless shelters also frequently need basic personal care and hygiene supplies. These items can help restore a sense of dignity to individuals and families. According to Backpacks USA, “Good hygiene can also improve self-confidence in people who have an unstable income or are experiencing homelessness.l Furthermore, adequate hygiene and sanitizing products help prevent the spread of diseases in shelters.

Because the homeless population often includes families with young children, toys, games, and children’s clothing are also excellent items to include on a donation list. Many children try to hide their family’s financial situation and feel such relief when they receive what they need. When they also receive things they want, like activity books and toys, they can begin to feel like everyone else. These donations are often the ones that make the most impact.

With so many areas in need, giving back to the community has never been more important —no matter where you live. DollarDays makes it easy to help you plan a fundraiser, solicit donations, or find items to give those in need. With wholesale quantities and competitive pricing, you won’t believe the outstanding quality of all of our products.


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