Be Prepared for the Winter Storm

Get Ready for Winter Storm Gail

For many, this time of year is a time for giving and family gatherings. But for those who have been left homeless due to the pandemic, it will be a time for uncertainty and loss. We understand that times are difficult and the freezing temperatures are coming. We want to help you prepare for the increase in community need by supplementing your inventory where donations may have fallen short.

We have everything you need in bulk, ready to ship. Stock up on sleeping bags, survival gear, and clothing.

Sleeping Bags, Survival Blankets & Hand Warmers
As the weather gets colder, it’s more and more dangerous for people living without shelter. A good quality sleeping bag provides warmth during those coming freezing nights. Emergency blankets and hand warmers help when those nights drop quickly below zero.

Sleeping Bags

Pink Sleeping Bag –
66″ x 26″
Kids’ Camping Sleeping Bag – Colin Plaid Dark Blue Kids’ Camping Sleeping Bag – Dvlan Plaid Gray

Survival Gear

Dukal Survival Wrap Blanket, Silver, 52″ x 84″ Dukal Heavy Duty Fluid Impervious Emergency Blanket – Yellow 54″ x 80″ Hot Hands-2 Hand Warmers (2-pack)

Socks, Thermals & Jackets
We have curated a great product offering with your outreach in mind. From kids to adults, socks to jackets, we have worked hard to make sure you can access quality products at a great price point.


Men’s Heavy Duty Wool Socks -25°C Man Heated Thermal Socks Ladies Winter Thermal Socks


Men’s Thermal Underwear Set Top & Bottom Women’s Thermal Underwear Set Boys’ Performance Crew Neck Thermal Set Assorted Colors


Men’s Winter Puffer Jackets Sizes S-XXL Women’s Mid-length Quilted Jacket – Burgundy Girls’ Ombre Fashion Parka Jacket

How can we assist you today?
We’re here to help you get ready for the coming cold. Give us a call and we can help you find the products you need or shop online.

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